Vol. 11 No. 5

May – June 2024


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1Chetan P. Sabban, Rushikesh Wagh, Mr. K. A. Kamalpurkar, Manoj Patil, Anchal AlegaonFormulation And Evaluation Of Mucuna Pruriens Tablets Containing Levodopa For Parkinson's Disease Management1 to 9Download
2Prof.S.R. Gavali, Mr.Pranav Salunkhe, Mr.Pradip Dhumal, Mr.Ganesh Gavali, Mr. Vishal DangeNumerical & Experimental Analysis of Transient Cooling of Cylinder10 to 14Download
3Sheik Kuthija , Dr. Gowtham Aashirwad KumarCorporate Environmental Performance and Financial Distress: during COVID-19 outbreak Insight from India firms15 to 17Download
4Mr. G. Prabhakaran , Dr. M. SugunaComprehensive Study of Guerilla Marketing's Impact and Effectiveness in Modern Business18 to 19Download
5Dr. Kshamali Sontakke.The Importance of Transportation in Tourism Sector of Konkan Region of Maharashtra20 to 22Download
6Dr. Nagaraja JA Study on Problems and Prospectives of the Street Vendors in Hosapete City23 to 26Download
7Mrs. Anupama JoseUnveiling the Depths: A Psychological Exploration of Characters In The Silent Patient27 to 28Download
8Dr. Shinde V.G.A Study of Economic Development through Entrepreneurship and Marketing in India29 to 34Download
9Mr.Yogesh K.PatilNACA Accreditation: Fostering Sustainable Development in Higher Education35 to 36Download
10Prof. Amol Nivrutti Godase , Mr. Akshay Santosh Shinde , Mr. Yash Navnath Shinde, Mr. Anil Jagannath Karanavar, Mr. Aditya Appa DevkuleExpressive Hands: Empathetic Communication for All37 to 40Download
11Mr. Jawale Gautam Ramchandra
Dr. Gunwant B Gadbade
An Analysis on Mutual Fund Industries As a Resource Mobilization in India41 to 47Download
12Nazeer Shaik
Dr. B. Harichandana Dr. P. Chitralingappa
Deep Learning: Cutting-Edge Techniques and Real-World Applications48 to 60Download
13Dr. Veena Naik
Dr. Subrahmanya P.
A Review On Understanding of Siraja Granthi vis-a-vis Varicose Vein61 to 69Download
14Dr.S. Muthulekshmi, Dharun S, Kiruthik Vigas D, Vinoth K, Visva.G.S, Harsha Adithya .S, Wasim Arshad.M.RA Study of the Diagnosis on the Usage of Software In Billing Process70 to 77Download
15Dr. Muthulekshmi S, Nilay Singh I, Santhosh MM, Sanjay G, Sanjay Y, Mithun S, Samuel CUnderstanding the Dynamics of Market Demand and Consumer Preferences in Entertainment Platform -Comprehensive Study78 to 83Download
16Shrishail M Ghurghure, Attar M Kais, Jayendra Chavadekar, Nikhil Dhayagode, Pradeep Chabukswar, Samarth dharane, Onkar damdhereFormulation and Evaluation of Antibacterial Ointment Containing Aqueous Extract of Leaves of Calotropis Gigantea L.84 to 92Download
17डॉ. गोविंद मारुती अंबीभारतातील मानसिक ताण-तणाव आणि आत्महत्त्या: एक दृष्टीक्षेप93 to 102Download
18डॉ. प्रशांत आर. तोरवणे श्री. गणेश डी. पावरानंदुरबार जिल्ह्यातील लोकसंख्या वाढीचा भूमी उपयोजनेच्या पद्धतीवर होणारा परिणाम: एक भौगोलिक अभ्यास103 to 108Download
19ललित शर्माव्यंग्य विधा एक परिचय (अर्थ, परिभाषा एवं प्रमुख तत्व)109 to 112Download
20Prerana B. Abhang, Ashwini G.GhadgeStudies on Wilt Complex Disease of Pomegranate113 to 115Download
21Rahul J. IngawaleEmerging Trends and Challenges in IT Sector116 to 119Download
22Shweta Dogra, Rajesh Kumar AggarwalHealth-Seeking Behaviour Among Tribal Women in Himachal Pradesh: A Study of Kinnaur and Lahaul & Spiti Districts120 to 127Download
23Jyoti Bhadouria, Gunjan Dwivedi and Gourav Kumar SinghEmpowerment of Tribal Women through Entrepreneurship: A Systematic Review128 to 131Download
24Kummarikuntla Manisha, Dr. Syeda Nishat FathimaAn Exploration of Culture-Specific Psychiatric Syndrome in India132 to 135Download
25Santosh Shivraj Gulave, Dr. Atul Shripad AradhyeDesign and Analysis of Robust Portable Wheel Chair Ramp136 to 143Download
26Pravin Kantilal Rupnawa, Dr. Atul Shripad AradhyeOptimization of School Platform through Multi criterion Decision Making Tool144 to 149Download
27Mr. Ajay Kumar RanaA Sociological Study of the increasing prevalence of drug abuse among Youth150 to 152Download
28Ashwini S. Waghmare, Suhas S. SatonkarComparative Analysis of Blur Image Restoration Techniques: A Review153 to 157Download
29Dr. Anita GoswamiMimicry or Mimi’s Cry:An Alternate Reading of Mimi (2021) as a Response to Neo-Colonialism158 to 160Download
30G. Sai Krishnam NaiduOperational Management Challenges and Opportunities in Indian Automotive Manufacturing161 to 164Download
31Miss. Sujata U. Kasbe, DR. Swati Shende, Mr. Ganesh B. SangaleOptimization of Nutritional and Sensory Properties of Oats, Makhana Dosa Premix165 to 170Download
32Alzaahid Fakaruddin Nadaf, Mr Sachin DesaiComprehensive Study and Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare sector171 to 174Download
33D. J. Shetti
S. K. Chougule
P. D. Chougule
Response of the GPS-measured Total Electron Content (TEC) at Low Latitude during the Geomagnetic Storm175 to 181Download
34डॉ. बोईनवाड कृष्णा बाबुरावभारतीय साहित्य में लोक की अवधारणा एवं स्वरुप182-184Download
35Nilambari Sanjekar, Shruti Kayal, K. AnupamaDigitalization of Rural India: Digital Village185-189Download
36डॉ. अर्शिया सैयदछिन्नमस्ता: स्त्री जीवन की त्रासदी से मुक्ति की यात्रा190-192Download
37Dr. Parmil Kumar, Ms. Sapna VermaImportance of Central Bank Digital Currency: in present era193-198Download
38Gita Baral , Mr.Rajarshi Roy ChowdhuryInformation and Communication Technology in Integration in Teacher Education in Inda: Enhance Teaching and Learning199-202Download
39Dr. Sweta GhoshThe way Marketing Concept Changed with Time: A Historical Analysis203-211Download
40Vishagan R , Siddarth S, Nirmal Raj.SDigital Banking Platforms212-217Download
41Dr.Varsha S. Sukhadeve , Namita Satish KolteGreen Accounting and its Impact on Institutions Financial Planning and Budgeting in India218-221Download
42Miteshkumar B.Panchal , Dr.Maheshkumar C. Rathva, Dr Ajay SoniFactors Affecting Choice Of Ecommerce Sites For Online Purchase : A Study222-229Download
43Dr. Sunilkumar S. JadavA Psychological Study of Marital Adjustment in Couples in the Context of Marital Type230-232Download
44Dr Vrundan p. JayswalHolistic Approach to Preconception Care: A Conceptual Framework233-235Download
45Divya Tiwari, Prof. Kiran SinghAnalysing Land Use Efficiency and Food Crop Utilization in Jaunpur District: Trends and Implications from 2010 to 2022236-240Download
46Dr. Ashwani Kumar AwasthiJob Opportunities through Tourism in the Bundelkhand Region241-245Download
47आकांक्षा सिंहजनपद मऊ में गन्ना उत्पादन की चुनौतियाँ एवं सहकारी चीनी मिल की भूमिका246-251Download
48कुलदीप कुमार ओझा, डाँ. ध्रुव कुमार द्रिवेदीप्रतिदर्शी गाँवों का भौगोलिक अध्ययन (रीवा जिले के विशेष संदर्भ में)252-257Download
49Vivek KumarTrade Secrets and Confidential Information: Strategies for Safeguarding Business Assets in India258-260Download
50Dr. Jagdish ChandClimate Change and Vulnerability: Disaster Preparedness in Himachal Pradesh261-264Download
51Heena FerozA Stiwanist study of Nuruddin Farah’s novel Sardines265-269Download
52Dr. Nagaraja JA Study on Gdp, Unemployment and Okun's Law: Evidance From India270-275Download
53Dr. Nilima Rajaram MirajkarAn Examination of the Recent Tax Reform and Its Consequences on Small and Medium Enterprises276-282Download
54Dr. Nilima Rajaram MirajkarAn Economic analysis of ecological repercussion and usegubility impact of irrigation system in satara district of Maharashtra283-290Download
55प्रा. नितीन तुकाराम जाधवकोळी समाजातील मुख्य गटांचा अभ्यास291-293Download
56ज्ञानेश्वर रामदास बोंपिलवारमहाराष्ट्राच्या लोकसंगीतातील लोकनाट्य: तमाशा294-296Download
57Dr Rajesh. B. Deshmukh, Kilel K. BenardInvestigating Regulatory Failures in Addressing White-Collar Crime297 to 305Download
58Dr. Prachi S. HalgaonkarA Perspective on the Development of Indian Music in Education306 to 308Download
59Ms. Shubhashri Gopalkrishna KamalapurImpact of Social Media on Msw Students Karnatak University309 to 312Download
60Dr.Prashant MavarakarEnvironmental issues and threat to wildlife animals in India313 to 319Download
61Pooja Tripathi, Dr. Kalpana PatnNutrition and Food in Contemporary Science320 to 324Download
62डॉ. दत्तात्रय निवृत्ती वाघमारेसोने आणि सोन्याच्या किंमतीवर परिणाम करणारे घटक325 to 330Download
63डॉ. गजेन्द्र भारद्वाजललित निबंध संदर्भित वैवाहिक लोकाचारों की विविधता का अध्ययन।331 to 335Download
64पप्पु कुमार, डॉ.अनुरंजनबेगूसराय जनपद में लिंगानुपात एवं साक्षरता में सह-संबंध का भौगोलिक अध्ययन।336 to 342Download
65डॉ. दिगंबर भा. टुलेव्यवसायिक नैतिकतेचा (Business Ethics) व्यवसाय वाढीच्या सहसंबंधाचा अभ्यास343 to 351Download
66Dasi kavya, Syeda Nishat FathimaThe Health Consequences of Household Chemicals352 to 355Download