Vol. 10

Vol. 10 No. 1

September – October  2022


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1Dr. Prakash Bhairu BilawarCobot and Libraries1 to 6
2Dr. Dhananjay Bhagwan Sutar Web Scale Discovery Services in LIS: A New Platform for Effective and Remote Access to E-Resources7 to 9
3Harshal Bhimsen PawarImplementation of Japanese 5’S Methodology in the Libraries10 to 15
4Vishwas Hase Reading Club: An Alternative Framework for Academic Enhancement16 to 22
5Arvind N. DagaleThe Impact of Book Club Conversations on Reluctant or Struggling Readers23 to 31
6Mrs. Satvashila T. SalgarScamper Technique: In Perspective of Recent Trends in LIS Profession32 to 38
7Mrs. Rupali Sham BhosaleMassive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) In India: A Golden Chance for Teachers, Students and Educators39 to 43
8Dr. Vikas Vasantrao KharadeBest Practices and Quality Library Services44 to 49
9Mr. Tanaji L. KambleBest Practices in the Modern Library50 to 54
10Rajesh P.Best Practices and Qualitative Library Services in Academic Libraries55 to 59
11Sanjay N. More
Best Practices in the Chetana's Shri. Mansukhlal Chhaganlal Library 60 to 66
12Ravindra R. MangaleA Review of Best Practices in Library Resources in Academic Libraries67 to 74
13Deepak S. Darandale
Dr. R. H. Thorwe
Best Practices and Quality to Library Services in Academic Libraries
75 to 80
14Mrs. Rupali Sanjaykumar BansodeBest Practices for Quality Enhancement in S.S.G.M. Library81 to 84
15Priyanka V. Hase
Sandeep D. Walunj
Information Resources and Services in Engineering and Management Institutes: A Study 85 to 91
16Shivaraj B. HalyalInnovative ICT Enabled Library Services92 to 96
17Mrs. Sunita Shivaji PatilWeb Based Library Services97 to 100
18Dr. Vidhya Sharad ModiWeb Based Library Services101 to 106
19Shivaji Maruti Shinde
Professional Skills of LIS Professional for Providing Qualitative Library Services107 to 110
20P H Salil Kumar
Sathisha R.
Professional Skills for LIS Professional for Providing Qualitative Library Services111 to 115
21Mr. Tanaji L. Kamble
Mrs. Sunita S. Ghule
Professional Skills and Competencies for LIS Professionals in an
Electronic Age
116 to 121
22Mr. Rajesh Martand Meshram
Changing Role of College Libraries in ICT Environment122 to 126
23Dr. Tushar Ramsh Dilpak
Changing Role of College Library Professionals in Disseminating Information of User Education
127 to 131
24Vandana Govind Kelkar
Soft Skills for Library Professionals132 to 134
25Sagar S. Kumbhar
Dr. Pandurang B. Patil

Copyright Law: Role and Responsibility of Library Professionals135 to 139
26Mrs. Urmila Rajendra KadamElectronic Librarianship: Challenges and Opportunities140 to 143
27Dr. Sachin N. ChobeIssues and Challenges ahead Academic Libraries144 to 146
28Madhukar Togam
Chandrashekhar Khairnar
ICT Literacy of Library Professionals working in Law Colleges147 to 155
29Rahul Hanmant KulkarniManagement of Academic Library and Information Centers in the 21st Century156 to 160
30Sheela Paikrao GodboleManagement of Library and Information Services in Digital Libraries161 to 164
31Dr. Arjun Baburao AnandkarAcademic Libraries and Research Support Services 165 to 174
32Mr. Madhukar Togam
Dr. Deelip Mestri
Current Practices of Acquisition of e-Resources: A Study of Academic Law Libraries affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune175 to 181
33Subhash S. Mayangade
A Study of ICT Based Knowledge and Application in Library Management by the Librarians of Ratnagiri Distirct182 to 195
34Damodar Dashrath Waghmare
Evolving Developments in Willingdon College Library, Sangli in Digital Environment196 to 201
35Dilip S. Nimbalkar
Pandurang B. Patil
An Overview of Electronic Services in Academic Library202 to 209
36Surpiya Nawale
Ms. Afroj Dange
A Status Report of the National Digital Library of India
210 to 215
37Mr. Vaibhav A. Varute
Mr. Sangram A. Killedar
Shri. Chattrapati Shivaji Public Library, Savarde - A Study216 to 220
38K. Marappan
Dr. C. Sivakumar
ICT usage of Arts and Science College Libraries in Erode District – A Study221 to 225
39Navanath Vitthal Burungale
Dr. Ravindra P. Adav

Effective use of Internet and Web Technology in Academic College Libraries: A Study226 to 232
40Mrs. Anjali S. Kadappa
Dr. Yuvraj G. Jadhav
Impact of Information Technology on Collection Development in Libraries of Higher Education System233 to 238
41Anand Vandana Role of Internet and Web Technologies on Libraries239 to 246
42Mrs. Rekha Sandeep KaleUse and Application of ICT in Libraries247 to 250
43Mrs. Smita Prakash PatoleUse of ICT in Libraries for Library Services251 to 254
44Mrs. Surekha Anil PowarUse and Application of ICT and Web-Technologies in Libraries255 to 257
45Jyotsana Save
Dr. Nilima Bankar
Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Academic Libraries: Challenges and Opportunity258 to 261
46Mrs. Rajshri Bansidhar Gadkari
Dr. Bhagyashri Yeshwantrao Keskar

Users Satisfaction with ICT-Based Resources and Services in Management Institutions Libraries: A Study of Institute of Professional Studies MBA College Library, Pune262 to 269
47Dattatrya Pandurang Gundale
Impact of the Internet on Library and Information Services270 to 275
48Manjunatha G.
Prof. B. T. Sampath Kumar
Internet and Its applications: The usage among Postgraduate Students 276 to 281
49Sathisha R.
Harisha D.
Mobile Technology and Its Applications in Academic Libraries282 to 286
50Mrs. Ulka Arun Patil
Library Mobile Application 287 to 289
51Mrs. Priyanka R. Malve
Mahadevi. D. Katkar
Mobile Technologies for Academic Libraries: An Overview290 to 293
52Dr. B. S. Padval
Prashant Ashok Thorat
Use of Mobile Technology Application in Libraries294 to 298
53Mr. Rohan R. Pawar
Dr. Ravindra P. Adav
Smartphones and Library Applications299 to 302
54R. H. Ajagekar QR Code and its Useful Application in Academic Library303 to 309
55Amit Arvind Gurav
QR Code and Library Services310 to 313
56Mrs. Shraddha Rohan PawarLibrary Automation: Issues and Applications 314 to 318
57Dr. Sudhir P. More
Application of Slims Library Management Open Source Software319 to 322
58Yogesh B. Thakare
Dr. B. S. Padval

Institutional Repository 323 to 330
59Manisha Murlidhar Uikey
A Study of Digital Library and It’s Utility in Education331 to 335
60Dr. S. G. AnnapureArrival of Digital Culture in Libraries: Sustainability of Learning Resources336 to 339
61Mahadev Nagnath Chavan
V. V. Giri

Institutional Repositories in Academic Libraries
340 to 344
62Priyanka T. S.
Implimentation of RFID Technology in Libraries for Effective and Efficient Functioning Of Library Operations345 to 349
63Ashok Akaram Patil
RFID Tags and Security Mechanism in Library350 to 355
64Ms. Mrunalini Dhondiram Gadade
Dr. Shalini R. Lihitkar
Be On the Right Path: Build Your E-Portfolio and Be A Proficient Librarian356 to 361
65Mrs. P. Krishnakumari
Dr. R. Sarangapani

Saransh Web Portal and Mobile Application for CBSE School
362 to 366
66Badrinath D. Dhakne
Madansing D. Golwal

Content Analysis of Rayat Shikshan Sanstha’s Autonomous Colleges Library Website367 to 373
67Rahul Jadhav
Role of Social Media on Libraries374 to 377
68Ratnesh Kumar Sharma
Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Use and Impact of Internet & Social Media on Digital Resources 378 to 382
69Mrs. Anuradha A. Kumbhar
Use and Impact of Social Media and Social Networks in Libraries: A Review383 to 390
70Gautam M. Khobragade
Dr. Satyaprakash Nikose
Use of Social Media in Libraries391 to 394
71Eknath Shivaji Zaware
Use and Impact of Social media and Social Networks in Libraries395 to 400
72Sudhir R. Nagarkar
Vinod P. Gurav
Usage of Social Media Platforms to Promote Web Based Library Services401 to 409
73Baban Kumbhar Social Media: A Practical Librarianship at Dada Patilahavidyalaya Library Karjat410 to 416
74Mrs. Sunita Jayant Shinde
Impact of Social Media and Social Networking in Academic Library Services417 to 421
75Narayan Hemaji Mengal
Social Media Tools and Library Service422 to 426
76Dr. Madansing D. Golwal
Mr. Badrinath D. Dhakne

Use of Facebook Sites by LIS Professionals in Marathwada: A Case Study427 to 434
77Mrs. Saee A. Priolkar
Dr. Shivraj V. Thorat
Implementation of Online Resources and Services during COVID-19 Pandemic: a study of Institute of Nursing Education, Bambolim Goa435 to 443
78Dr. Sachin B. Patil
Rahul Vitthal Kamble
Open Access E- Resources on COVID-19: A Study444 to 449
79Dr. Kumara B.Use of e-Resources among Economically Backward Students: A Survey450 to 456
80Pravin Jadhav
Vikas Barge

Plagiarism Concept: An Overview457 to 462
81Suvarna Inamdar
Use of E-Resources Of National Power Training Institute: A Case Study
463 to 467
82Avinash Kumar Singh
Bibliography Management with Reference Management Software: A Case Study468 to 472
83Sadhashiv Pisal
E-Learning Resources: Importance in today’s Scenario473 to 475
84Mrs. Kirti Bhoite
Awareness and Use of Open Access E-Resources by the Faculty Members of Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil Polytechnic, Satara: A Study476 to 482
85Raghunath Ramchandra Chavan
Dr. Kallyan N. Kumbhar

Consortia: As A Tool to Access E-Resources in Health Science Library Users483 to 486
86Shatrughna Shivaji Patil
The Role of Colleges and INFLIBNET Center to Access E-Resources of NLIST Programme
487 to 496
87Sandeep S. PradhanN-LIST: An Effective E-Resources for Academic Research and Development497 to 503
88Mahesh Nandkumar GaikwadOnline Databases: A State-of-The-Art Literature Review504 to 515
89Mrs. Kalpana Shamrao Sonawane
Prof. Dr. Hemkant Magan Chaudhari
A Study of Information Need and Information Seeking Behavior of Students of A.Y.K.K’s Arts Mahila College, Dhule (MS)516 to 522
90Sagar Shivaji Kumbhar
Mrunalini Dhondiram Gadade
Research Productivity of Department of Library and Information Science of Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune (SPPU) 523 to 528
91Mr. Pradip Tulshiram Patil
Dr. Tushar Malhararao Patil
Research Productivity of Research Papers Published in Conference Proceedings by College Librarians: Special Reference to Nandurbar District (MS)529 to 535
92Shambhu Raj Upadhyay
Dr. Bhaw Nath Pandey
Role of Digital India initiative in Supporting E-Learning through the Digital Library during Pandemic COVID-19536 to 543
93Amol Dewaji Khobragade
Dr. Pranali Bhavik Gedam
Use of Resources and Services in Rayat Shikshan Santha’s Autonomous Colleges in Satara City : A Comparative Study544 to 549
94Vijay P. Yadav
Dr. D. B. Sutar
Evaluation of NIRF Ranking Parameters for Quality Enhancement of Libraries to Provide Accessible Facilities to Students with Disabilities 550 to 557
95Anuradha Dattatrya BargeNAAC Recognized Best Practices in Academic Libraries558 to 564
96Dattatray B. Shinde
Prof. (Dr.) Sangita V. Dhandhar

Contribution of UGC in promoting Academic Libraries Services565 to 570
97Swati S. Toraskar
NAAC Recognized Best Practices in Academic Libraries571 to 579
98Sangram A. Killedar
Nagu N. Bansode
Use of Social Networking Site tools for providing Information Services to Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan)580 to 589
99Mrs. Kishori M. Maratkar
Dr. Hemkant M. Choudhari
Constitutional Provision for Disabled Persons In India590 to 594
100Mrs. Sujata Ashish Hande
Dr. Prakash B. Bilawar
Digital Voice Assistant for Visually Impaired Users595 to 600
101Nandkumar Laxman Salunke Green Library Building: Indian Agencies and Standards 601 to 607
102Mrs. Neelima Namdeo HemadeGreen Library: Certification Agencies and Standards for Green Library Building 608 to 614
103Mrs. Sandhya Girish Yadav
Dr. Satyaprakash Nikose
Disaster Management and Security Precautions in Sangli Nager Vachnalya Sangli615 to 622
104Upender KumarAn Ecosystem for Research Data Management (RDM) in the context of the Medical Libraries623 to 634
105Prof. Sardar N. PatilA Critical Review on the Concept of Eco-friendly Library635 to 638
106Mr. P. C. Kumbhar
Dr. P. B. Ghante
E-mail Based Library Services: An Overview639 to 642
107Mr. M. S. ShirkeBest Practices and Qualitative Library Services in Academic Libraries643 to 648
108Dr. Shivaji P. Kamble
Mr. Mahesh Maruti Kamble
Application and Use of E-Content Material Forboosting the Teaching and Learning by Faculty Members of Affiliated Colleges of Shivaji University, Kolhapur649 to 655
109Mr. Abhaykumar Ashok PatilAwareness and Use of Smart Phone by the Under Graduate Students: A Case Study of Sangli District656 to 664
110Mrs. Trupti Rajendra ShahDigitization of Libraries Effect on Readers and Their Reading Habbits665 to 669
111Mr. Avinash B. Salunkhe
Dr. Anil. N. Chikate
New Dimension & Competency based Approach by LIS Professionals: Challenges and Requirements?670 to 676
112Yuvaraj PatilKnowledge Hub in Princely State of Kolhapur Karveer Nagar Wachan Mandir677 to 680
113Deepika P. Kale
Dr. Yuvraj G. Jadhav
Library System and Services in Engineering Colleges with Special Reference to Goa State681 to 692
114डॉ. आर. पी. आडाव
कृष्णात पांडूरंग पाटील
हरित ग्रंथालये: एक नवीन प्रवाह693 to 697
115शशिकांत सुभाष पाटील
डॉ. वैशाली यु. भक्त
ग्रामीण व शहरी महाविद्यालयातील ग्रंथालयात उपलब्ध असलेल्या आधुनिक सोयी सुविधांचा तुलनात्मक अभ्यास698 to 702
116राहुल पितांबर जाधव
ग्रंथालय आधुनिकीकरण काळाची गरज703 to 706
117समाधान बेहरे
गणपत पवार
माहिती तंत्रज्ञानातील विविध संकल्पना व माहिती वितरणाकरिता त्यांचा उपयोग707 to 713
118यशोदा लबडे
नॅक च्या मूल्यांकनामध्ये ग्रंथपालाची भूमिका714 to 721
119संजय माने
ग्रंथालयासाठी उपयोगी पडणारी अर्कहार्टप्रणाली व्यवस्थापनाची 18 सूत्रे 722 to 726
120नीलिमा राजाराम थोरात
मोबाईल तंत्रज्ञानाचा शैक्षणिक ग्रंथालयात वापर727 to 734
121विजय आर. गायकवाड
प्राध्यापकांच्या संशोधन कार्यामध्ये ग्रंथालयाचे योगदान735 to 739
122सौ. स्नेहल जयंत महाजनशैक्षणिक ग्रंथालये आणि माहिती केंद्रांमध्ये प्रभावी सर्वोत्तम पद्धती: एक दृष्टीक्षेप740 to 747
123आशा चंद्रअशोक जिरगे
ग्रंथपालन व्यवसायासाठी आवश्यक व्यावसायिक कौशल्ये748 to 755
124आदिनाथ दरंदले
डॉ. हेमकांत चौधरी
समाज माध्यम आणि वाचन
756 to 759
125डॉ. संजय क्षीरसागर
ऑर्गनायझेशन ऑफ डिजिटल मटेरियल760 to 765
126डी. ए. जगताप
आपत्ती व्यवस्थापन आणि ग्रंथालये766 to 769
127प्रा. डॉ. सुरेखा प्रे. मंत्रीराष्ट्रीय नई शिक्षा नीति 2020 और कौशल विकास
770 to 775
128Dr. Mathe SureshDevelopment Communication In Gandhian Era :A Study On Coverage Pattern Of Young India776 to 783Download
129 Dr. Asaram S. JadhavComparative Study Of Demographic, Social And Economic Factors In Irrigated And Non-Irrigated Villages Of Phaltan Taluka Of Satara Districts784 to787Download
130 Dr. Asaram S. JadhavSpatial And Temporal Immigration Towards Pune City788 to 793Download
131 Dr. Mahabir Jha, C Theppen Phom, Dr. Toli Achumi, YanyakChallenges Of Human Rights In The Look East Gateway Regions Of India
794 to 800Download
132 Mrs. V. PattammalStability In Indian Financial Market For Sustainable Economic Growth801 to 807Download
133 Anup Jadhav, Jaee JogalekarThe Role And Impact Of Consumer’s Emotions, Awareness And Thought Process On Consumer Behavior808 to 811Download
134Dr. D. R. Khanderao Harlem Renaissance: A Cultural Awakening Of Afro-American Literature812 to815Download
135Heena FerozUnderstanding The Barriers And Challenging The Traditional Norms For Female Freedom In Somalia816 to 821 Download
136Akshay Raj Manocha, Ajay Kumar, Bhart SinghSustainable Development: Future Of Groundwater Management
822 to 830Download
137 Dr. Paresh Shah, Mrs. Sonal DaveImpact Of Liquidity Ratios On Return On Capital Employed Of Selected Steel Companies In India831 to 836Download
138 Mrs. Aarti Vijay Thanwal, Professor. (Dr.) V. A. RankhambeVision Of Modern Feminism In The Select Novels Of Shashi Deshpande837 to 839Download
139Dr. Monika, Dr. Rajkumari, Vidhi A Study Of Social Skills Among Secondary School Students In Relation To Demographical Variables840 to 843Download
140Mrs. Vaishali V. JadhavMarketing Strategies For Fast Moving Consumer Goods To Succeed In Rural Market844 to 848Download
141 Miss. Pritee Anandrao Pawar, Prof. Dr. L. G. Retwade Impact Of Cereal Production On Economy In India
849 to 851Download
142अजिंक्य अशोकराव उगले , डॉ. आत्माराम डी. टेकाळेप्लायमट्रिक आणि प्रतिकार प्रशिक्षणाचा आंतर महाविद्यालयीन हॉकी खेळाडूंच्या शारीरिक क्षमता आणि शरीरक्रियात्मक घटकांवर होणाऱ्या परिणामांचा अभ्यास852 to 856Download
143डॉ. प्रा. रजत मंडल रवींद्रनाथ मंडल वनसंपदा - विभिन्न जीवनदायी संशोधन का व्यवस्थापनावर विकास
852 to 856Download
144 रामेश्वर तुकाराम हराळेशालेय हॅण्डबॉल खेळाडूंच्या कौशल्याधिष्ठित शारीरिक क्षमता व शरीरमापनाचा सद्यस्थितीचा अभ्यास860 to 864Download
145संजय यशवंत लोंढे , डॉ. मोहम्मद ए. बारीधारणा व त्राटक योगीक क्रियांचा आंतरशालेय बास्केटबॉल खेळाडूंच्या कौशल्य कार्यमानावर होणारा परिणाम अभ्यासणे865 to 868Download
146गिरमकर महेश मधुकर, डॉ. नवनाथ एन. लोखंडेसूर्यनमस्कार प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रमाचा किकबॉक्सिंग खेळाडूंच्या मिनिमम मस्कुलर फिटनेस कार्यमानावर होणार्या परिणामाचा अभ्यास869 to 871Download
147श्रीकांत साहेबराव पाटील, प्रोफेसर डॉ. मकरंद एस. जोशीविशिष्ट व्यायाम प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम आणि संतुलित आहाराचा महिलाच्या स्थूलतेवर होणाऱ्या परिणामांचा तुलनात्मक अभ्यास872 to 875Download
148 प्रा.पेंडभाजे प्रियंका भाऊसाहेबभारतातील सामाजिक व राजकीय सुधारकांची महिला सक्षमीकरणातील योगदान...876 to 881Download
149 प्रा. कन्नाडे एम. के.स्त्री चळवळीचा समाजशास्त्रीय अभ्यास882 to 885Download
150 प्रा.डॉ.मानीतकुमार अमृतराव वाकळेमुक्तिबोध की काव्य चेतना886 to 891Download
151डॉ राजेश मौर्य प्रो. जे. पी. मित्तलभारतीय फिल्म उद्योग ऐतिहासिक अवलोकन 892 to 898Download
152 निर्मल सुवासियादलित साहित्य में अम्बेडकर का वैचारिक अवदान899 to 902Download
153संदीप शिवाजी शिंदे बखर वाड्मयातून प्रतिबिंबात होणारे छत्रपती संभाजी महाराज: एक अभ्यास 903 to 905
154 Dr. Shobha.Lभारतीय शिक्षा एवं साहित्य: वैश्विक संदर्भ में906 to 909Download
155श्रीमती कांति सिंह काठेडपुस्तकालय विज्ञान के पितामह: डॉक्टर रंगराजन (भारत के संदर्भ में)910 to 913Download
156 Dr. Prakash Laxmanrao DompaleEpidemic Diseases And Health914 to 918Download
157Dr. Vishnu H. Fulzele, Sambhaji Shivaji ShindeA Study On The Impact Of Promotional Strategies Of Amazon On The Working Males919 to 923Download
158Naziya Khanum“A Critical Analysis On Montessori And Frobel Early Childhood Education Concept”924 to 929Download
159Mrs.R.Umadevi, Mr.N.ThiagarajanA Theoretical Analysis Of New Hrm Challenges In 21st Century930 to 935Download
160Prof. Dr. Dnyaneshwer S. GadakhThe Effect Of Plyometric Training On Explosive Strength Variable Of Inter Collegiate Canoe-Kayaking Players 936 to 939Download
161Dr. Shashikant H. Pardeshi , Dr. Namrata P. SahujiStudy Of Common Injuries On Canoe-Kayaking Water Sports Players From Nashik District940 to 942Download
162Mr. Sagar Dhikale, Dr. Gomchale M. S. Effect Of Pilates Exercise Training Program On Flexibility Variable Of Intercollegiate Football Players 943 to 946Download
163Mr. Suhas Shamrao Varade, Dr. Govind Sadashiv MartadeEffect Of Plyometric Training On Explosive Strength Of Kayakers-Investigation Review Report947 to 950Download
164Dr. Navanath M. Sarode Effect Of Six Weeks Yoga On Flexibility Of Collegiate Girls Basketball Players951 to 953Download
165DR.LAKSHMI.Vलिखित भाषा का उद्भव एवं विकास954 to 955Download
166प्रा. डॉ. संध्या मधुकर काकडेनागपूर शहरातील नागरी सहकारी बँक व व्यापारी बँकातील कर्मचा-यांचे तुलनात्मक अध्ययन 956 to 958Download
167 R. Prabha, Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi Sustainable development in outcome-based education among university postgraduate students959 to 966Download
168Dr. Mohan Kisan ShelarThe Study of Trimbakeshwar Tourist Center with Satisfaction Index, Nashik District, Maharashtra.967 to 973Download
169Ms. Shweta Audichya, Dr Deepti BhargavaWomen Leadership In India: The Changing Landscape974 to 978Download
170कांबळे डी. एस.योगी आदरणीय सी. ना. आलुरे गुरुजी यांचे शैक्षणिक कार्यातील योगदान
979 to 982Download
171 Mr. Ravindra A. Kalane,Dr. Bhaskar Reddy S. N.Effect of Six Weeks Plyometric Training Program on Arm Strength among Baseball and Volleyball Players 983 to 985Download
172Mr. Prashant Chandrakant SawantComparative study of physical fitness parameters among the
Kho-Kho & Atyapatya players
986 to 988Download
173Dr. Jagdeesh R. Lanjekar, Mr. Atul GalandeLivelihood Perspectives and Rural Development in India989 to 991Download
174Vinay lalita, Prof. (Dr.)M.H.SiddiquiA Brief Study On Constitutional Rights And Well -Being Of Single Women992 to 995Download
175Dr. A. B. Mishra, Shreyash Borade, Sudhanshu SapreSahyadri Farms: India’s Largest Farmer Producer Company996 to 998Download
176Raghavendra S Gouri
S. M. Hurakadli
Disparity In Literacy And Sex Ratio Of Chikkodi Taluka, Belagavi District, Karnataka State999 to 1006Download
177Arun S Oddin
S. M. Hurakadli
The Land-Use Patter Of Nippani Town In Belagavi District: Karnataka State1007 to 1020Download
178Rajesh PTime Series Analysis Of Daily Walkins: Case Study Of Academic Library In Dakshina Kannada, Karnataka1021 to 1027Download
179Shashi BeraSecurity And Internet Privacy1028 to 1034Download
180संतोष महादेव बनकर
प्रो. डॉ. सदानंद भोसले
21 वीं सदी के कहानी में राष्ट्रीय भावना1035 to 1037Download
181प्रो. डॉ. जी.एस. भोसले‘परमाणु: द स्टोरी ऑफ पोखरण’ फिल्म में राष्ट्रीय भावना1038 to 1042Download
182प्रा. संजय जाधव‘डॉ. कुमार विश्वास की कविताओं में शहीद वीरों का जयगान' 1043 to 1045Download
183प्रा. डॉ. जितेंद्र बनसोडे21 वी सदी के हिंदी उपन्यास में राष्ट्रीय भावना1046 to 1050Download
184नीलिमा श्रीवास्तव 21 वी सदी के हिंदी फिल्मी गीतों में राष्ट्रीय भावना1051 to 1060Download
185डॉ. पंकजकुमार शांताराम नन्नवरे उच्च शिक्षण काल, आज आणि उद्या1061 to 1066Download
186 Sunil R. JagiasiIsolation And Screening Of Indigenous Laccase Producing Free Living Diazobacteria From Dye Wastewater1067 to 1071Download
187डॉ. मधु खोब्रागडेआंतरराष्ट्रीय मानव अधिकाराचा इतिहास 1072 to1075Download
188 Chimankar N.V.Species Of The Myxomycetes Recorded From Manudevi Forest Dist .Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India)1076 to1080Download
189Prof. Dr. Rameshwar Suryabhanji PawarChallenges Ahead Of Implementing National Education Policy-2020 In Higher Education1081 to1083Download
191Dr. Mahesh L. Dharmapurikar Child Labour –Issues And Causes: An Overview1089 to 1096Download
Dr.Vineeta Basotia
A Review On The Application And Concept Of Fuzzy Theory1097 to 1102Download
193Mrs. Rani Mathew
Dr. Durga Lal Pareek
A Review Of Preferred Learning Styles For Online EFL Language Learners1103 to 1110Download
194Mrs. Saminder Malik Dr.Priyesh JainAttitudes And Behaviors Of Providers Of Maternal Health Care In Their Interactions With Clients In The Study1111 to 1120Download
195सौ. मनिषा विद्यानंद शिंदे डॉ.प्रतिभा शंकर घागगौरी देशपांडे यांच्या स्त्रीवादी विचारधारा आणि वैचारिक ध्यास यांचे परीक्षण1121 to 1125Download
196Mr. Deepak Bhagwan Varsale
Dr. Aman Gupta
Gender Roles In Employment At The Intersection Of Tribal And Non-Tribal Communities In India1126 to 1130Download
197Mrs. Shubhangi Namdeorao Thorat
Dr. Fathima Latheef
A Review On Challenges Confronted By The Nurses In Current Indian Health System1131 to 1134Download
198Mr. Madan Mohan Jadhav
Dr. Jitendrakumar Namdeo Shinde
An Execution Of High-Speed Railway Mobile Transmission System1135 to 1140Download
199Ms. Dingankar Niha Noormohammad Shabana
Dr. Vinod Vaze
Roles Of The Immune System In Cancer: From Tumor Initiation To Metastatic Progression1141 to 1150Download
200Narender Chinthamu Green Innovation Strategies, Organizational Competencies And Firms Performance In The Context Of Manufacturing Sector1151 to 1164Download

Vol. 10 No. 2

November – December  2022


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1Dr Sonali DapsiAccreditation system of Library Education in India1 to 5Download
2Dipali Sangekar, Eknath LangoteUtilization of Deoiled soya Meal for Development of Traditional Products6 to18Download
3 Dr. Sharad Kadam, Ishan Raj, Saurav MunotExports, Imports, and Economic Growth in India18 to30Download
4Arun P Mali, N. S. ZambareComparative assessment of solar pumps for Irrigation in Palghar district – Maharashtra.31 to 34Download
5Monika, Dr. Aparna BhardwajCustomers’ Perceptions Of Digital Food Delivery Services With Refrence To NCR35 to 45Download
6Chethan B Manjunath Narrating Metafiction: Reading Tibor Fischer's The Thought Gang.46 to 49Download
7 Dr.Tarique AnwerEffect of Emotional Marketing on Consumers’ Mind50 to 58Download
8Sikee Kumari,Dr. Manoj Kumar PathakA Graphical Retelling : An Assesment of Draupadi: The Fire - born Princess59 to 64Download
9Dr S.Jayalakshmi PriyaWomen Street Vendors in Bangalore Main Markets.65 to 70Download
10Hemalatha H. M.Organic Farming In Mandya District71 to 74Download
11 Dr. Suresh G. SantaniImportance and Scope of the Right to Information Act, 200575 to 81Download
12N Udhaya abisheik, M Thirumalai Samy, G Thamizhlvanan, M Sujith Parents Situational Awareness Of Cybersecurity82 to 86Download
13Dr. Kolte Gautam LaxmanEffect of Global Warming on the Agriculture87 to 89Download
14Nethra S., Tayyaba AhmadAssessment of environmental sustainability perception in Homo sapiens through research study90 to 98Download
15डॉ. राजेश प्रसाद कोलभारत-श्रीलंका का राजनीतिक संबंध 99 to105Download
16प्रा. डॉ.अर्जुन सूर्यभान
गुरु शिष्य परंपरा 106 to108Download
17Prof. (Dr.) Aruna Anchal, Poonam DeviAcademic Achievement among Senior Secondary School Students in the Context of Problem Solving Ability & Meta Cognition109 to 117Download
18Prithviraj Deshmukh, Adarsh Shandilya, Dr Sharad Kadam To Study the Evolution of Technology in Banking118 to 123Download
19 Nethra S, Bhumika S, Sandhaya R, Debojyoti Saha Analysis and Correlation of Dermatoglyphic patterns with Diabetes124 to 132Download
20Prof. Anarse P. S. To Study the Effect of Different Plant Extract On Fungal Disease of Brinjal133 to135Download
21 राजेश यादव, प्रो० केशव प्रसाद यादवकैमूर जिला के दुर्गावती प्रखण्ड का ग्रामीण विकास की सामाजिक-आर्थिक सुविधाएँ136-146Download
22Dr. Shashi Prakash ShuklaDemographic Analysis of Jaunpur district146-155Download
23Sharad A. Dhat, Manjushree G. Bhagwat Studies on Edaphic Factors and Fungal Diversity of Niphad Tehsil of Nashik District, Maharashtra, (India)157 to 161Download
24Dr. Vishnu H. Fulzele1 Sambhaji Shivaji ShindePatanjali Products: A Study Of Consumer Buying Behaviour In Greater Mumbai162 to 167Download
25Deepali Shah, Dr. R.D.SikchiWomen Entrepreneurs in India: Problems and Scope168 to 177Download
26Amol V. TisgeYog and Development178 to 180Download
27Ms. Shubhashri Gopalkrishna KamalapurLegal Provisions and Constitutional Rights for Women's: A Review 181 to 184Download
28Dr. Prakash Laxmanrao DompaleWhy and for what inclusive education!185 to 189Download
29डॉ. गौरी सिंह परतेबाल अधिकार, बाल संरक्षण के लिए नीति और विद्या ढांचा 190 to 193Download
30डॉ. सोमा पी गोंडाणे आदिवासियों के विकास के लिए महाराष्ट्र सरकार की विभिन्न योजनाएं194 to 198Download
31डॉ प्रवीण भास्करराव हाडेस्वतंत्र भारताच्या 75 वर्ष अर्थव्यवस्थेची वाटचाल -दारिद्रय-विषमता199 to 204Download
32 डॉ. शंकर मारोती सावंतमहाराष्ट्र राज्यातील पाण्याची उपलब्धता आणि गुणवत्तेवर हवामानातील बदलांचा परिणाम205 to 210Download
33 Dr.P.veenaA Study On Harmful Effects Of Invertebrate And Vertebrate Pests And Their Biological Control In Indian Agriculture.211 to 227Download
34 Dr M. NagalakshmiA Bakhtinian Study of the Representation of Madness in Toni Morrison's Paradise 228 to 232Download
35 Mr. Ghadge Amit BabasahebA study of microbial synthesis of group B vitamins by sustainable methods233 to 238Download
36डॉ. प्रल्हाद धोटे पारधी जमाती पारंपरिक व्यवसायात झालेले परिवर्तन (नागपूर जिल्ह्यातील ग्रामीण भागात स्थायि पारधी जमातीचे अध्ययन) 239 to 240Download
37Prof. Shailendra Kumar Srivastava, Dr Subhash Kumar SharmaAn Overview on Green energy : The Need of the WORLD241 to 247Download
38NandkumarSocio-Economic Analysis Of Regional Development In Karnataka State248 to 255Download
39Dr. Carolline David, Mrs. Bhavana. R. MulaniA Study on Transformation of Indian Retailing Sector With Reference To Shopping Malls in Thane District256 to 259Download
40प्रा. मिनाक्षी पांडुरंगसा बोरीवाले , डॉ. संध्या आयस्कर विवाहपूर्वी जोडीदार निवडीवर परिणाम करणारे घटक260 to 262Download
41Jaswindwr KaurBeyond Contemporary Discourse: Locating Deep Ecological Spirituality263 to 268Download
42Dr Alka SharmaCombating Globalization: Ecofeminist Idea and Activism in India269 to 272
43Dr.Amar B. Abhrange, Dr.Vitthal D.Patil, Dr. Namrata M.Mane, Dr.Varsha N.Vyadhikshamatva- An Ayurvedic Aspect Of Immunity273 to 277Download
44Dr Kamal KantRural Tourism in Rajasthan: Possibilities and Challenges278 to 281Download
45Dr S.Jayalakshmi PriyaWomen Street Vendors in Bangalore Main Markets.282 to 286Download
46Mohammed Zakriya Mohammed Ismail, Sayyad Saddam RabbaniThe Poseidon of KRM Mahila College Nanded: Dr. Ashturkar P.B.287 to 290Download
47Naziya KhanumA Study On Effectiveness Of Steam Education Pedagogy Awarness Programme For Pre –Service Teacher Trainees291 to 296Download
48 Dr Veeramani G , Ms. V.SuganyaA Study On Usage Of E-Commerce In Agricultural Sector During Covid 19 With Special Reference To Thanjavur- Dist (TN)297 to 302Download
49डॉ. लूनेश कुमार वर्मा‘सौंदरनंद’ महाकाव्य में प्रकृति-चित्रण303 to 305Download
50Ghadge Shrikant Tukaram Role Of Education In Sustainable Development Of Satara District (M.S)306 to 309Download
51Harsh Tiwari, Faizan Pathan, Dr. Sharad Kadam An analysis of new generation banking services in the Indian banking industry310 to 315Download
52Ms. Simnalika KushwahaInfluence of Social Media Marketing in relationship building for Food Products 316 to 323Download
53 Sharad A. Dhat The Assessment of Perception of Local Farmers on Cloudburst- Nashik District324 to 326Download
54Khan Rumana Shahin Amanullah India: The Impact of Climate Change327 to 331Download
55 Kuber Tukaram Dhope Patriotism Reflected in Deborah Ellis’s Novel Mud City132 to 137Download
56 Narender ChinthamuThe Importance Of Empathetic Leadership For High Performance Industryand Sacred Work Place138 to 150Download
57प्रा.घन:श्याम पुंडलिक थोरातचित्रपटाच सौंदर्यशास्त्र आणि निऑरिअलिस्ट दिग्दर्शक नागराज मंजुळे च्या दिग्दर्शनामागचा समकालिन वैचारिक दिशाकोन151 to 161Download