VOL. 9

Vol. 9 No. 1

September – October 2021


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1Dr. Rajekhan Shikalgar
Miss. Snehal Karpe
A Geographical Analysis Of Drinking Water Sources In Kumbhi River Basin, Maharashtra State1 to 7Download
2प्रा. आर. पी. वाडते, प्रविण रणबागलेसमाज आणि धर्म8 to 11Download
3Dr. S. S. PawarA Study On Factors Influencing The Consumer Behavior In Vegetable Market12 to 19Download
4Dr. Nayab Z.A.A Geographical Analysis Of Potentiality Of Water In Solapur District20 to 26Download
5Pravin Arun Powar‘The Role of Opposition in Parliamentary Democracy’27 to 32Download
6Dr. Shivkanya B. TodkarA Study of selected E- Retailing Practices to the Responses by Urban Consumer 22 to 39Download
7Mrs. Savita A Research Study On “Celastrol” Self-Micro Emulsifying, Granular, Dispersible Tablets40 to 45Download
8Padvi Ramsing Vesta A New Distributional Record Of Ceropegia L. Species Of Family Asclepiadaceae From Akarani(Bhujgaon) Taluka Of Nandurbar District (Maharashtra)46 to 52Download
9A. A. Kadam Historical Background of Right to Information Act,200553 to 60Download
10 श्री. शिंदे शेखर सावता सहकारी चळवळ : काल आणि आज61 to 65Download
11 Kishor P. Kadam Study Of Electrical Behaviour And Spectral Emissionof Molecules In The Interface Of Solid And Liquid66 to 72Download
12Khilare Sindhu Daji"साठोत्तरी हिंदी कविता में ‘जनवादी चेतना’’’ (जनकवि नागार्जुन के संदर्भ में)73 to 75download
13Dukare Brahmdev BhagwatA Study of Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Indian Entrepreneurship: Descriptive Analysis76 to 83download
14Prof. (Dr.) Magar Tanaji RaosahebTrends Of Mortality Rate In India, Maharashtra And Satara District: A Geographical Analysis84 to 90download
15Prof. Shelake Sambhaji TatyabaAn Assessment Impact of Irrigation on Sugarcane Cultivation in Solapur District: A Geographical Analysis91 to 98download
16Subhash Chander, Laila NargisExploring Female Autonomy in Zadie Smith’s on Beauty: A Feminist Analysis of Black Women’s Characterization99 to 103download
17Mr.Dhope Kuber TukaramExploring The Influence Of Culture And Historical Context On The Development Of Literature99 to 105download
18S.S. Chandanshive, Atul HumbeThe Study Of Haematological And Biochemical Change In Catla Catla Exposed To Cadmium Chloride106 to 109download
19प्रा. डॉ.भारत उपाध्य अनुवाद का स्वरूप,प्रकार तथा प्रासंगिकता110 to 114download
20डॉ. अश्विनी संदिप उगलेशाश्वत विकासासमोरील आव्हाणे व उपाययोजना115 to 120Download
21डॉ. अर्जुन जाधवभटक्या विमुक्त जमातीतील पारधी स्त्रियांच्या विरुद्धचा हिंसाचार121 to 139Download
22Dr. Kumar AmitPearl Millet: A Global Initiative For Sustainable Food Security And Nutrition140 to 149Download
23डॉ. बन्दना श्रिवास्तवएकल परिवार में शिक्षित कामकाजी महिलाओं की भुमिका150 to 153Download
24Dr. Chandan KumarAdvances In Reproductive Endocrinology On Teleost Clarias Batrachus (Linnaeus)154 to 159Download
25डॉ. सुरेन्द्र कुमारअजैविक पर्यावरण पर खगड़िया जिला का प्रभाव एक भौगोलिक अध्ययन160 to 172Download
26R. R. TembhurneNew Species Of Myxomycetes (Symphytocarpus Nannengae) Records From Sangali District, Maharashtra, India.173 to 176Download
27Prof. K. N AvhadThe role of Mutual funds in development of Indian economy177 to 180Download
28Mr. Virupaksh R. KhanajEducational Quality of Slum Dwellers in Ichalkaranji181 to 186Download
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Vol. 9 No. 2

November – December 2021


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1Dr. Rajekhan Shikalgar
Miss. Snehal Karpe
Spatial Distribution Of Cardiovascular Diseases In Maharashtra State1 to 7Download
2डॉ. सर्जेराव शामराव पवारकोरोना काळातील मानवी संसाधनाची दुरावस्था : अन्वयार्थ8 to 17Download
3प्रा. आर. पी. वाडते
प्रविण रणबागले
डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकरांचा शैक्षणिक दृष्टिकोन18 to 21Download
4डॉ. अरुण पौडमलजागतिकीकरणाचे आर्थिक आणि सामाजिक क्षेत्रावरील परिणाम:
एक समाजशास्त्रीय अभ्यास
22 to 28Download
5Mr.Vinayak Sayanna GadagiImpact of Public Libraries with Reference to Hirachand Nemchand Public library: Solapur29 to 34Download
6Dr. Vaishali M. ChoudhariDigital Information Sources As Part of Library Collection Development

35 to 41Download
7डॉ. मोहन लोंढे कोरोना काळातील कामगारांचे प्रश्न42 to 49Download
8 डॉ. भीमसिंग के राठोड सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी 'निराला' के उपन्यासों में वास्तविकता का बोध40 to 44Download
9 Prof. (Dr.) S.C. Adavitot Changing Urbanization and Environment Concern: A Case Study of
Solapur city (Maharashtra)
45 to 49Download
10Poonam Chand Gupta, Dr. Jainendra Patel अनुसूचित जनजातियों के भूमि अधिकारों का एक अध्ययन50 to 54Download
11 Dr. Shami Nimgulkar KambleTo create a Diabetes Risk Score: Making a multi factorial model to assess the risk of an individual.55 to 67Download
12Subhash Chander, Laila NargisThe Archetypal Hero in Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy: Exploring Good, Evil, and Greed through the Myth of Somras68 to 70download
13Ramchandra Y. MedhekarThe Use Of Technology In Education And Teaching Process71 to 75Download
14प्रा. डॉ. भारत वा. उपाध्यभारतीय धर्म- साधाना में संत कवियों का स्थान एंव विशेषताएं76 to 82download
15Dr. Arjun Gena OhalUnraveling the Gender Imbalance: A Spatial Analysis of Child Sex Ratio in Satara District, Maharashtra83 to 91Download
16ડૉ. રાજેન્દ્ર કે. મકવાણા ઘર-ગામ સાથેનો અતૂટ સંબંધ નિરૂપણની વાર્તા એટલે ‘માટીવટો’92 to 93Download
17ડૉ. રાજેન્દ્ર કે. મકવાણા એકાકી સ્ત્રી જીવનને દર્શાવતી વાર્તા ‘બળતરાના બીજ’94 to 95Download
18Dr. Manharbhai S. Charpot Tribes of India: A Sociological Study96 to 100Download
19 Dr. Neeta Bhagwan KambleA study of Sustainable Growth and Development in Rural Areas with reference to Growth of Villages as a Smart Village101 to 105Download
20डॉ. सहस्रबुद्धे भारती मिलिंदवाड्•मयेतिहास लेखन - प्रेरणा106 to 107Download
21Dr. Mithilesh KumarRole Of Women’s Education On Economic Development, Health And Well-Being108 to 113Download
22Dr. Sachin Dadaji KuvarEthnobotanical Uses Of Plants For Household Use And Agricultural Implements By Kokni Tribal Of Nasik And Dhule Districts Of Maharashtra114 to 120Download
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Vol. 9 No. 3

January – February  2022


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1Dr. T. K. UdagirkarDevelopment and Management of Water Resources in India : 20251 to 6Download
2Kothawade N B, Dhanwate S. V., Bhise R. B., Gosavi R.S., Ghongade H. P., Kulkarni H. R SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATIONOF OF BINARY OXIDE In2O3 : MoO3 THIN FILMS7 to 16Download
3Ms. Sonam R. More, Dr. Ashok D. WaghA Study on Grants of State Universities in Maharashtra with special reference to University of Mumbai and Savitrbai Phule Pune University17 to 23Download
4Yamini Sivanandam, Sivaraj KaveriCharacteristic of Gaja Cyclone Sediments in Parts of Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu24 to 35Download
5Dr. Sushama Narayan Chougule, Dr. Sandeep Sadashivrao ShindeNothing is impossible in this world!36 to 41Download
8Linda Theres B, Selvakumar R, Pechetty Sridhar, Aduri Jogendra, Mamathi CMONITORING WATER QUALITY PARAMETERS USING SATELLITE BASED REMOTE SENSING DATA59 to 71Download
9 Athokpam Marconi SinghReflections On The Prospects Of Parliamentary Democracy In India72 to 79Download
10 G.T. Rathod The Study of Rotifer Diversity in Achler tank Dist. Osmanabad (MS) India80 to 83Download
11 P. Kousalya, Dr.V.Ganesan, Dr. L. AnithaAnti Fuzzy Line Graph of Complementary Anti Fuzzy Graph84 to 88Download
12 S. A. Peerzade Assessment Of Vitamin C (L - Ascorbic Acid) In Selected Fruits & Vegetables In Osmanabad City Maharashtra India 89 to 94Download
13 Mr. S.C.DudhalEvent Management95 to 101Download
14 Chimankar N.V.Four Species Of The Myxomycetes Recorded Fromanudevi Forest Dist Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India)102 to 109Download
15P. S. Anarse To Study the Percentage of Diseases on Brinjal by using different Leaf Extract 110 to 113Download
16Mr. Udaygiri V. Goswami Feminist Approach In Modern Scenario With Reference To Ama Ata Aidoo’s Changes: A Love Story114 to 118Download
17 प्रो. त्रिवेणी विश्वजीत जाधव हिंदी में रोजगार की संभावनाएं119 to 123Download
18 डॉ.माया बी. मसराम आधुनिक काळात स्त्री मुक्तीसाठी झालेले प्रयत्न 124 to 129Download
19 अमोल मोरे विद्यासागर नौटियाल के कथा- साहित्य में सामाजिक संवेदना 130 to 133Download
20 डॉ. बंडे मोहन व्यंकटराव हैद्राबाद मुक्तिसंग्राम आणि स्वामी रामानंद तीर्थ 134-136Download
21 डॉ.विजय एच.नागरे ग्रामिण महिलांचे आर्थिक सबलीकरण 137-139Download
22 डॉ. सोमा पी. गोंडाणे अन्यायाविरुद्ध स्त्रीमुक्ती चळवळीचा आवाज 140 to 146Download
23डॉ. गौरी सिंह परतेमहिलाओं के अधिकार में हिंदू कोड बिल के दृष्टिकोण
147 to 151Download
24 डॉ. लोंढे संदीप गोविंदरावपूर्व मध्ययुगीन काळातील सामाजिक स्थिती एक चिकित्सा 152 to 154Download
25 प्रा.विलासराव लवटेभारतीय निवडणूक आयोग आणि सुधारणा 155 to 158Download
26डॉ. सुनंदा गोखलेभारतीय संविधान में उद्देशिका का महत्व 159 to 170Download
27डॉ श्रीमती राजेश्वरी मरकाम तालस्ताय और साईकिल एवं अकाल में सारस का संवेदन और शिल्प 171 to 179Download
28डॉ. आण्णासाहेब हरदारे बहुलसंस्कृतीवाद आणि भारतीय राष्ट्रवाद 180 to 183Download
29वीरेंद्र कुमार सैनी. वरून कुमारवित्तीय समावेशन: चुनौतियॉ व समाधान
184 to 188Download
30 डॉ. यशवंत राऊत ’नटसम्राट’ व ’किंग लिअर’ या नाटकांचे शोकात्म स्वरुप 189 to 194Download
31Roouf ahmad malla, Irfan Hassan Ganaie, Mehraj ud Din, Amir Mushtaq SheikhImpact of Covid-19 on Labor Availability 195 to 197Download
32 प्रा. अशोक किसन वाकडेभारतीय संविधान : भारतीय लोकशाहीचा पाया 198 to 203Download
33Dr. Sunil Subhash Patil Measuring Emotional Quotient at Conventional Education Institutions – An Exploratory Study 204- to 209Download
34 Dr. Snehal Makarand Rajhans Importance of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MANEREGA) in Sangli District, Maharashtra 210 to 213Download
35Gandhi Chaitali MahendraA study on impact of digital HRM on organisational performance214 to 220Download
36Mr. Naganath Dnyanoba BanasodeFactors Affecting On Customer Satisfaction
Of Online Banking Services With Special
Reference To Bank Of Maharashtra
221 to 229Download
37Dr. S. S. PawarA Study of Marketing Strategy of Amin Traders, With Special Reference to Mahatma Phule Market Yard, Satara230 to 236Download
38डॉ. जी.एस. भोसलेहिजड़ा समाज का आदर्श और प्रेरणा : ‘मैं हिजड़ा-- मैं लक्ष्मी !’237 to 242Download
39किरण गणपत कुंभारलष्करी परंपरेचा सातारा जिल्हा
किरण गणपत कुंभार
243 to 247Download
40घनशाम गिरीअनुवाद एक आकलन248 to 251Download
41Shirsak GhoshThe Online Features Of Google Meet Platform: The New Normal Technique252 to 257 Download
42Kamat VanitaMarketing Of Sanitary Napkins And Other Alternative Products And Its Effect On Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM)258 to 266Download
43Dr.Kishor Baburao JadhavImpact Of Covid-19 Pandemic On Digital Marketing: A Study267 to 270Download
44Dr. M.P.Morghade ,Dr. S.B.BorkarNew Aspects Of Commercial Banks In India271 to 279Download
45Dr. Prakash Krishna Tone , Mr. Naganath Dnyanoba BanasodeA Study Of Online Buying Behavior Of Customers280 to 287Download
46Miteshkumar B.Panchal, Dr.Maheshkumar C. RathvaE-Commerce : Challenges In India A Study288 to 293Download
47Rajendra Baburao MithariNatural Farming And Price Policy In India294 to 299Download
48 Dr. Amar Lahu PowarRole Of Language In Digital Marketing300 to 305Download
49Dr. Suresh G. SantaniIndividual Participation Principle And Right To Be Forgotten Under Data Protection Law: A Critical Approach306 to 315Download
50Shweta Maruti HulkundaKaushlya Karnataka- Kushala Karnataka, Skill Development Plan For Karnataka, 2017-2030316 to 328Download
51Ashwini Tanaji KambleA Study Of Customer Satisfaction Towards Hotel Industry329 to 333Download
52Ms. Meghna Neelakantan ,Dr. Sunil Bhaskar ChandanshiveStudy Of Automation In The Indian Banking Sector334 to 343Download
53Sarita Sharma , Dr. (Prof) Amit J. Raval , Dr. (Prof) Raju KoneriAn Explorartion For Protective Effect Of Rhizome Extract Of Iris Pseudacorus L.And Seed Extract Of Dolichos Biflorus L. In Sodium Oxalateinduced Urolithiasis In Rat Model344 to 351Download
54Dr. Jamadar Shahida AbdulrahimA Challenge Of Digital Marketing In India352 to 363Download
55Mr.D.N.Karle ,Dr.Amit Kumar MishraRole Of Social Media Platform In Agricultural Marketing364 to 369Download
56Dr. B. D. GirigosaviDigital Marketing: An Overview370-377Download
57Dr Sanjay Shivaji OmaseGrowth And Strategies Of Digitalmarketing378 to 384Download
58Mr. B. B. RajemanePerception Towards Cashless Transaction Among Retail Customers In Beed District385 to 392Download
59Admuthe N. B. ,Pokale S. T.Ethnobotanical Study Of Wild Edible Plants Of Khed Region, Pune District, Maharashtra, India 393 to 401Download
60Dr. Magar S. R.Digital Economy And Its Benefits402 to 407Download
61Dr. Mansingh Sambhajirao DabadeOmnichannel Retailing: A Need Of Indian Market408 to 413Download
62Dr. Ashok Shamrao PatilA Geographical Review Of Modern Agricultural Practices414 to 421Download
63Dr. Satish Ashinath GondeDigitalization In Indian Agricultural Sector422 to 426Download
64Tisha Ashok UchilUse Of Technology In Media 427 to 432Download
65Mr. Adinath. S. Kamble, Dr. M. A. KoliRole Of Goat Farming In Financial Development Of Goat Farmers In Maharashtra433 to 443Download
66Dr. Shubhangi B. Patil5G Technology & Digitalisation444 to 449Download
67Shaziya Mohammed , Irfan MominDigital Marketing And Employment Opportunity450 to 456Download
68Gorakhnath Rangrao Patil , Dr. Sharvari S. KulkarniOnline / Digital Education & Its Stress To Teachers In Higher Education457 to 465Download
69Dr.Sujata Jitendra PatilSource Of Digital Marketing466 to 472Download
70Warvadkar Rohit Rajendra, Shinde Saurabh UttamDigital Marketing: Elements, Challenges And Opportunities For Present Time473 to 478Download
71Dr. Mrs.Madhuri R. ShindeE- Marketing And New Opportunities For Improving Food Supply Chain Management479 to 484Download
72Mrs. Anagha P. Bartakke, Dr. Mrs. Sharvari S. KulkarniDigital Marketing Of Medicine In India:-Trends And Challenges485 to 491Download
73Dr. Supriya Amol YadavA Study On Interim Financial Reporting In India492 to 503Download
74Dr. Bhavna Sharma , Ms. Anugya DubeyDigital Banking : A Need Of Time504 to 513Download
75 Ms. Mohd. Hussains. Z, Ms.Gujar S. MMerits And Demerits Of Digitalization: Education514 to 520Download
76 Pratibha Dattatrya PudaleConsumer Perception Towards Online Shopping521 to 526Download
77Smt. Asmita D. Ghorpade , Dr. Hindurao V. SankpalMerits And Demerits Of Digitalisation527 to 532Download
78Dr. Savita R. RasamContribution Of Women Leadership In 21st Century533 to 538Download
79Dr. Hina Shah , Ms. Shanthi Seshadri, Smt. Maniben MP ShahSocial Change: Impact Of Digital Marketing On Youth539 to 545Download
80 Sunita Amar PowarWoman Leadership In Indian Perspectives546 to 550Download
81Dr. Vivek V. PatilDigital Banking : A Future Of Banking 551 to 557Download
82Mr.Ashok R.Herwade, Dr. R. N. ShendageDigital Marketing: 21st Century Challenges And Opportunities558 to 568Download
83Dr. A. A. KulkarniE - Commerce Sites In Tourism Industry In India – A Review569 to 577Download
84Agarsana T KCurrent Era’s Impact On Digital Marketing578 to 579Download
85Ms Sawant Neeta AnkushDigital Marketing In Indian Regional Languages: An Overview580 to 586Download
86Mrs. Pallavi Swapnil KaleImpact Of Digital Marketing On Consumer Behavior In 21st Century 587 to 593Download
87D. GnyaneswerA Study Of Interest In Teaching Of Secondary Teacher Trainees In Covid-19 Pandemic In Medchal District594 to 601Download
88Regina RejithA Theoretic Paper On Artificial Intelligence In Human Resource602 to 607Download
89Komal Kamlesh Gaikwad Digital Marketing: 21st Century Challenges And Opportunities608 to 615Download
90Dr. Tippanna B Kolkar Adopt Of New Technology In Agriculture616 to 623Download
91Dr. Veda C. V , Mrs. Anitha. S. Role Of Digitalization In Promoting Social Marketing: Some Reflections624 to 632Download
92Charushila Bhupal TasgaveRole Of Social Media In Effectiveness Of Advertisement And Marketing633 to 639Download
93Dr. Ganesh J. Dubale , Dr. Choudhari R.L Modes Of Digital Marketing640 to 643Download
94Nidhi Amit Medhekar, Dr. Geeta KohadeA Study On Shift Of Digital Marketing Due To Lock Down644 to 651Download
95Mr.Pradeep V. Gaikwad Forms Of Direct Marketing (Online / Digital Marketing)652 to 656Download
96Dr. Hindurao V. SankpalConceptual Study Of Current And New Trends In Business Development657 to 666Download
97प्रा. एन. डी. सोनटक्केग्राहक वर्तन: अर्थ, वैशिष्टये आणि प्रभावित घटक667 to 675Download
98डॉ. शिंदे संग्राम रामचंद्रडिजिटल मार्केटिंगची आवश्यकता आणि भवितव्य676 to 685Download
99प्रा. एल. के. पवारडिजिटल मार्केटींग मिन्स सोशल मिडीया मार्केटींग686 to 693Download
100Dr. Vibha Pandey डिजिटल मार्केटिंग694 to 700Download
101डॉ. खंडेराव शिंदेराजर्षी शाहू पूर्वकाळातील कोल्हापूर राज्यातील उद्योगधंदे701 to 706Download
102श्री अनिल पोपट लोखंडे डिजिटल मार्केटिंग: 21 व्या शतकातील महिला नेतृत्वपुढील आव्हाने आणि संधी
708 to 712Download
103डॉ. दीपक वसंत चव्हाणपारंपारिक मार्केटिंग व डिजिटल मार्केटिंग713 to 719Download
104डॉ. सुरेखा सुरेखा पिपलानीडिजिटल अर्थव्यवस्था: अवसर एवं चुनौतियाँ 720 to 724Download
105प्रिया कृपाशंकर निमजेलघु उद्योगातील साधन-सामग्रीचे व्यवस्थापन725 to 734Download
106Dr Dhiraj Suresh Shindeडिजिटल न्यूजपेपर : स्वरूप आणि आव्हाने735 to 743Download
107Prof. Mrs. Sharmila SabaleApplication of Digital Technology for Agriculture Development in India744 to 748Download
108Dr. Patil N. J.Drip Irrigated Area And Economic Status Of Farmers: A Case Study Of Village Kavhe Village Of Madha Tahsil749 to 757Download
109Dr. Smita N.Pakdhane, Dr. Pournima D. ChavanAnalyzing The Impact Of Green Marketing On Packaging Industry With Special Reference To Nasik District758 to 772Download
110Dr. Uttam Ramchandra PatilInfluence Of Digitalization On Language773 to 778Download
111Dr.Megha Vijay PatilCashless Economy In India779 to 782Download
112Kalyani Navnath ShindeA Comparative Study Of The Opportunities And Challenges Of Digital Marketing783 to 789Download
113Dr. A. K. Patil , Santosh Ashok Hodge , Yogesh Jaysing JadhaoA Study Of Industrial Units Awareness About The Digital Marking Tools With Reference To Kolhapur District790 to 798Download
114Mrs. Dipali V. PatilImpact Of Covid-19 On Social Media Marketing And Its Effects On Buying Pattern Of The Consumers In Mumbai799 to 808Download
115Dr. Tejaswini Ram TupeRole Of Vernacular Languages In Digital Marketing809 to 813Download
116डॉ. रमेश प्रसाद कोल भारत में महिला सशक्तिकरण की भूमिका
814 to 821Download
117डॉ. लक्ष्मी शंकर यादवडिजिटल मार्केटिंग का मानव जीवन पर प्रभाव822 to 828Download
118डॉ. समीर गायकवाडभारतातील नैसर्गिक संसाधने आणि शाश्वत विकास 829 to 834Download
119डॉ. शंकर दळवीबाजार में आंधी दौड835 to 838Download
120Dr. Kishor Lipare , Dr. Santosh BorateChallenges And Opportunities Of Digital Marketing In India839 to 844Download
121Mr. Sanjay V. Omase, Prof. Dr. Varsha MaindargiDigital Audit Its Opportunities And Issues845 to 850Download
122डॉ.आश्लेषा. मुंगी, कु. सिद्धी दत्तात्रय कुंभार, कु. शिवानी सोमनाथ साळवे,
कु. ज्योती सोमनाथ गायकवाड
आंतरराष्ट्रीय विपणन व संगणक तंत्रज्ञान851 to 856Download
123अशोक आर.हेरवाडे, डॉ.आर.एन.शेंडगेडिजिटल विपणन : २१ व्या शतकातील संधी आणि आव्हाने857 to 865Download
124Dr. Bhosale Arti VijayDigital India866 to 870Download
125Prof. Ms Manjushri Kadam, Dr. Shabana A. MemonApplications Of Digital Marketing For Financial Sector – Problems And Prospects871 to 876

126Swapna Kailas GodhadeDigital Banking: A Need Of Time877 to 882Download
127शीतल भागवत जाधव, प्रा. डॉ रमेश पठारविवाहाचा इंतरांशी सकारात्मक संबंध आणि स्व-स्वीकार या घटकांबाबत तुलनात्मक अभ्यास 883 to 887

128Dr. Ashish S. JadhavGeographical Analysis Of Spatial Distribution Of Weekly Market Centers In Karad Tahsil888 to 893Download
129 D. B. Dhangar, Kunal D. RajaleEstimated Cobb-Douglas Production Function For Different Size Groups Of Kagzi Lime Growers In Dhule Region894 to 902Download
130Mr. Harishchandra Sukhavdev Mane Indian Agricultural Labour: Problems And Suggestions903-907Download
131Dr. Mukund N. Haladkar A Study On Impact Of Digital Marketing On Technology908-914Download
132Dr. A. G. SuryawanshiRole Of Big Data In Accounting Transformation In Future915-920Download
133डॉ. एच. व्हि. संकपाळ, श्रीमती अश्विनी बाबासो पाटीलडिजिटल मार्केटिंग- आव्हाने आणि संधी 921-925Download
134Vishakha vijay patilआभासी शिक्षण : नवीन तत्र आशण पध्दती926 to 928Download
135 Bellad Santoshi Basavaraj, Dr. Prakash Yalavatti A Study on Role Of Social Media in Organic Farming Products Marketing And Its Scope In 21st Era

929 to 938Download
136Mrs. Kodam Aruna Govardhan The Challenges Of Women Leadership And Management In India939 to 944Download
137डॉ. अरुण पौडमलभारतातील विशेष आर्थिक क्षेत्रे: प्रमुख समस्यांचा अभ्यास945 to 951Download
138Mrs. Dipali Krishnat Patil, Dr.Krishnat Raghinath Patil Impact Of Digital Technology On Education950 to 954Download
139Mr. Anil. C. Gaikwad, Prin. Dr. S. N. Nikam The Trends of Agriculture in the Nashik District955 to 970Download
140Kulkarni Shrikant Balkrishna Investigation Of Chemical Oxygen Demand In Dawarwadi Lake Paithan971 to 974Download
141Bokare Kamaji Purbhaji A Study Of Standard Of Living In Maharashtra975 to 982Download
142Smt. Kore Bhangarewa ShrimantGrowth of E-commerce in India-2021 After Covid-19983 to 992Download
143श्शौली आनंदराव शिरसागरमथु सावंत यांच्या कथेतील शेतकरी जीवन 993 to 995Download
144डॉ. भीमसिंग के. राठोड“मुंशी प्रेमचन्द के उपन्यास ‘निर्मला’ : वास्तविकता का बोध” 969 to 999Download
145A Geographical Study of Changes in Primary Health Care Centre in Osmanabad DistrictDr. Shahista Yakub Shaikh1000 to 1004Download
146Velekar Laxmikand Chandrakant Challenges And Initiatives Of Food Processing Industry In Maharashtra1005 to 1007Download
147 Velekar Laxmikand Chandrakant Impact Of Covid-19 On Healthcare Industry In India 1008 to 1011Download
148Mrs. Savita A Comprehensive Study On In-Vitro Testing Of Traditional Tablets And Capsules Yielded Per Cent Dissolved-Time Graphs1012 to 1016Download
149डॉ. आकाश शेषराव बांगरसुशासनाच्या मूलभूत तत्त्वांचा चिकित्सक अभ्यास1017 to 1023Download
150Subhash Chander , Laila NargisA Critical Analysis of Shyam Selvadurai’s Cinnamon Gardens1024 to 1028download
151डॉ. भुवनेश कुमार विश्वविद्यालय के छात्रों द्वारा सेल फोन के माध्यम से ई-कॉमर्स के उपयोग पर:
एक अध्ययन
1029 to 1034download
152Narkhede Raju Kashinath, Patwari Jayprakash ManoharraoAssessment of Biochemical Oxygen Demand in Banshelki lake at Banshelki Udgir: An Indicator of Water Quality and Ecosystem Health1035 to 1038download
153 Preeti Kantilal SoniPromoting Ethical Business Practices in India: Fostering Sustainability
and Responsibility"
1039 to 1040Download
154Dr. Vineet Bala Problem Of Water Pollution And Health Sysytem In India1041 to 1044Download
155Dr. Neeta Bhagwan KambleA Study Of Challenges And Need In Formal Education Reference To Skill Development 1045 to 1051Download
156Dr. Sita Kumariसतत समाज के लिए पर्यावरण शिक्षा का महत्व1052 to 1056Download

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Vol. 9 No. 4

March – April  2022


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1 Prof. Tapati Basu, Dr. Sweta GhoshA Content Analysis of Famous Hindi Patriotic Film Songs, 1957-20191 to 14Download
2Dr. Surwase Yuvraj Gundu Dimensions of Faith15 to 19Download
3Chimankar N.V.Genus Physarum Pers. From Manudevi Forest Dist. Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India)20 to 26Download
4 Mohd. Salahudddin, Dr. Mirza M.B.The Images of Male Characters in the Booker Prize Winning Indian Male Novelists27 to 33Download
5 Sugandha Agnihotri, Dr.Tanveer KhadijaImprovisation always takes us towards a progressive future34 to 36Download
6 Shri. Girish .A. Chavadappanavar, Dr.Paras VarmaSustainable Changes in Sugarcane Industry and Agriculture Climate Analysis in Karnataka37 to 47Download
7Vitthal N. Gowardipe Physicochemical characterization of Bore well water in Shirpur village of Chimur (M.S.) India48 to 50Download
8 Asst. Prof. Ms. Jaee Jogalekar, Asst. Prof. Mr. Anup Nanasaheb JadhavThe Con-Men of Employment in India : ‘Job Scams, A Curse51 to 57Download
9 Asst. Prof. Mr. Anup Nanasaheb Jadhav, Asst Prof. Ms. Jaee Jogalekar, Ms Janhavi DaveThe Impact of Inter-personal Competencies in employees on different aspects of the Organization58 to 66Download
10 Mr. Nikam Chaitanya AshokChange Monitoring In Agriculture of Dhule And Sakri Tehsil Using Geospatial Technology67 to 72Download
11 Dr. Vijaykumar G. Shinde Empirical Study of Commerce Education in India73 to 77Download
12 Dr. Shedage Vijay SopanraoImportance of Research Plan in Social Philosophy 78 to 84Download
13 Dr. Adate Nagnath M.Commerce and E-Commerce85 to 89Download
14 Dr.T.JayanthiMody-Lees Pact 90 to 94Download
15 Nethra S, Saloni Mewara, Poonam Mewara, Mohit pareek, Sharyu N. ShivankarStudy of Dermatoglyphic Patterns to correlate left-handedness in Humans- A qualitative approach95 to 102Download
16 Dr. Dharmvir M. GurjarMental Health and Personality Development103 to 110Download
17 Vitthal N. GowardipePhysicochemical characterization of Bore well water in Shirpur village of Chimur (M.S.) India111 to 115Download
18 Dr.Haripada MahapatraThe Concept of Karaka from Navya Nyaya Perspective116 to 121Download
19Mr. Sandip Sampatrao ThoratA Comparative Study of Adjustment among Kabaddi and Kho-Kho Players at College of Agriculture122 to 125Download
20 Mr. Ajinkya Ashokrao UgaleA Comparative Study of Physiological Variable among Inter Collegiate Level Handball and Basketball Players126 to 129Download
21 Mr. Anil Popat Sonawane, Dr. Hemant J. VermaStudy of Emotional Intelligence of Archery Players130 to 133Download
22 Mr. Rakesh Dinkar Vadje To Study The Effect of Anxiety Level on Performance of Nashik Zone Handball Players 134 to 136Download
23 Dr. Sunil B. DhondageStudy of Sports Competitive Anxiety of Kayaking Players and its impact 137 to 139Download
24 Mr. Prakash Nivrutti Rokade, Mr. Prashant Chandrakant SawantStudy of Physical Activity Level between Government & Privet School Students 140 to 144Download
25Mr. Pradip Suresh Pandhare, Mr. Prashant Chandrakant SawantSuryanamaskar Training Program on Skill Related Physical Fitness and Shooting Performance of Interschool Basketball Players145 to 148Download
26 Prof. Dr. Narendra U. Patil Relation of Athletic Identity with Injury and Help Seeking Tendencies of National Level Players149 to 153Download
27 Mr. Navanath M. SarodeEffect of Six Weeks Yoga on Flexibility of Collegiate Girls Basketball Players154 to 157Download
28 Prof. Santosh Baban JadhavA Comparative Study of Growth and Development among the Rural and Urban School Students 158 to 163Download
29 Prof. Dr. Dnyaneshwer S. GadakhEffect of Maximum Efforts Training Program on Tug of War Players Upper & Lower Body Strength164 to 168Download
30 Mr. Abaji Subarao ManeComparative Study of Aggression of Inter School Level
Powerlifters and Weightlifters
169 to 173Download
31 Dr. Manish M. DeoreWomen’s Participation in Physical Activities and Sports Benefits174 to 177Download
32 Miss Yogita P. Jadhav, Dr. P. T. DumnarStudy of Anxiety and Aggression level of Ashram School Students178 to 182Download
33Nirmala LohaniRelevance of Mahatma Gandhi Thoughts on Environmental Protection183 to 193Download
34 डॉ. कदम अरविंद वसंतरावमहाराष्ट्राची मानव विकास स्थिती194 to 197Download
35डॉ. राजेश दयाराम भेंडारकरचंद्रपूर जिल्ह्यातील कृषी विकासात आधुनिक तंत्रज्ञानाचा वापर 198 to 202Download
36 तांबे चंद्रकांत लक्ष्मणभूम तालुक्यातील श्री गुरुदेवदत्त हायस्कूल, भूम मधील माध्यमिक स्तरावरील विद्यार्थ्यांच्या गणिताच्या अध्ययनात गणित प्रयोगशाळेच्या परिणामकारकतेचा अभ्यास203 to 206Download
37डॉ. अभय श्रीहरी लाकडे भ्रष्टाचार एक समाजशास्त्रीय अध्ययन 207 to 211Download
38 डॉ. मृणाल शिवाजीराव गोरे स्वाधीनता आंदोलन और हिंदी गजल212 to 215Download
39डॉ. अर्चना दयाराम फेंडरकरभारतातील कुपोषण व शासकीय आरोग्य सुविधा 216 to 220Download
40 सुजित माधवराव मेधणे, डॉ. कल्पना झरीकरनाशिक जिल्ह्यातील राज्य स्तरीय व राष्ट्रीय स्तरीय स्पर्धेमध्ये खेळलेल्या शालेय खेळाडूंच्या मानसिक ताणाचा तुलनात्मक अभ्यास221 to 224Download
41Prof. (Dr.) Shrikrishna B. Gaikwad
Sabiha. M. Bagwan
Geographical Study Of Concentration Of Gosavi-Nomadic Tribe In Maharashtra State225 to 233Download
42Seema PuniaImplication Of Globalization On National Security234 to 240Download
43Dr. Anitha ManneSurvival Stragies During Drought:
A Study Of Rayalaseema Region Of Andhra Pradesh
241 to 247Download
44Dr. Arjun Shivaji Wagh
Dr. Ankush Shankar Shinde
Population Characteristics Of Solapur District With Special Reference To Pandharpur Tahsil248 to 258Download
45Sachin Subahshchand SuranaOutdoor Advertising And It’s Social, Environmental Implications259 to 265Download
46Prof. Dr. Vishwanath Kashinath SonwaneTourism Education: Nature And Scope266 to 275Download
47Monica Madhukar DeshpandeSocio-Political Contribution Of Ahilyadevi Holkar, Rani Laxmibai And Indira Gandhi In Sustainable Development Of India276 to 282Download
48Dr. Tembare Uttam S.The Spatial Distribution Of Livestock In Khatav Tahsil of Satara District (Maharashtra)283 to 291Download
49Balkrishna Anil ShindeMigration Perspective On Flood Situation In Sangli And Miraj Area Of Maharashtra292 to 300Download
50Dr. R.R. SalunkheProblems Of Villages In Drought Prone Area Of Sangli District: A Geographical Study301 to 311Download
51Basavaraj Hatti
Laishram Ibomcha Singh
Geospatial Analysis Of Soil Classification Study Of Raichur District In Karnataka State, India Using Geoinformatics Technology312 to 319Download
52Arunima BhattacharyaUrban Sustainability Issue Of Solid Waste Management-A Case Study Of Kolkata320 to 330Download
53Dr. Chandrakant Narhari Kale Population Growth And Distribution In Solapur District: A Geographical Analysis331 to 340Download
54Dr. Snehal Makarand RajhansForest Resources In Sangli District, Maharashtra341 to 346Download
55Mrs. M. B. SonarA Geographical Study Of Centrality Of Agroservice
Centres In Satara District
347 to 354Download
56Dr. M. G. Lavate
Dr. V. L. Jawan
Technologies For Improving Productivity And Sustainability Of Sugarcane In India: A Geographical Study355 to 364Download
57A. S. Bhosale
Dr. Vinod Veer
Morphometric Analysis Of Visapur Mini Watershed Sub Basin Of River Yerala365 to 371Download
58Dr. Prakash J. HajareProblems Of Tourism Development In Raigad District Of Maharashtra372 to 380Download
59Dr. Sumita Thorat
Dr. S. G. Salve
Impact Of Flood Analysis: A Case Study Of Shirate Village In Sangli District381 to 386Download
60Dr. Uday N. SuryawanshiRemote Sensing And Its Application In Disaster Management In India387 to 395Download
61डॉ. व्ही.पी.गायकवाड
डॉ. एस.पी.दिवटे
घराच्या छतावरील पर्जन्यजल संचयन क्षमता: मौजे राणंद गावचा भौगोलिक अभ्यास396 to 403Download
62संजय अर्जुन लेंगरेशाश्वत विकास आणि जलयुक्त शिवार अभियान: एक अभ्यास404 to 409Download
63डॉ. एस. के. माने
डॉ. अलका पाटील
रामलिंग बेट पर्यटन क्षेत्र: भौगोलिक पार्श्वभूमी410 to 415Download
64Mr. Pawan Kumar
Dr. Rajkumar Bhakar
Influence of Social Media on Reading Culture in Digital Era416 to 425Download
65प्रा. आर. पी. वाडते
प्रविण रणबागले
भारतातील आदिवासींचा धर्म व धर्मश्रद्धा426 to 429Download
66Mr. Atul Kumar
Prof. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jat
Authentication of a Stability-Indicating RP-HPLC Method for Determination of Carnitine Tablets430 to 439Download
67Mrs. Savita Devi
Prof. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jat
Formulation and Evaluation of Oral Dispersible Tablets440 to 448Download
68Mrs. Yogita Sandeep Dethe
Dr. Shabana Anjum
A Study on Academic Stress among Nursing Students449 to 456Download
69तन्वी पाटील, दिव्या दुधगावे, प्रथमेश पाटील, प्रा . प्रमोद आवटी,
प्रा. एस. ए. खरात, प्रा. (डॉ.) एस. बी. गायकवाड.
सांगली जिल्ह्यातील मौजे टाकळी गावाच्या भूमिउपयोजनाचा भौगोलिक अभ्यास457 to 465Download
70अनिल गिरीधर कांबळे, निशिकांत विलास कांबळे, एस.एम.बागवानस्थलांतरीत ऊसतोड हंगामी मजूरांच्या मूलभूत समस्या: एक नमुना अभ्यास466 to 471Download
71Dr. Solunke R.E.Traditional Dance –Songs Of Tribal Community: Baiga472 to 480Download
72Sumit PradhanThe Risk Of Covid-19 For Asthma Patients481 to 504Download
73Dr.Subhash DhuleUse And Awareness Of E-Resources Of Inflibnet’s Nlist In Government Law College Mumbai Library: A Case Study505 to 513Download
74Dr. Magar S. R.Recent Trends In Public Administration514 to 520Download
75 Dr.S.R.Swarnalatha, Mrs.P.VanithaA Novel Study On Hybrid Cloud Computing In Education521 to 529Download
76Subrata RoyThe Role Of Handicrafts For The Development Of Rural Tourism Industry In The Dooars Region: A Geographical Analysis530 to 540Download
77Dr. Madhukar Ramchandra VedpathakRural Local Bodies In India And Maharashtra541 to 546Download
78Dr. Sandeep Sadashivrao Shinde, Dr. Sushama Narayan ChouguleAdvantages Of Hosting Mega Events547 to 555Download
79Mr. Udaygiri V. Goswami, Dr. Prashantkumar B. KamblePower Politics And Racial Discrimination In Bessie Head’s Maru556 to 561Download
80 Dr. Sumedha Sudershan NaikHurdles In Development Of Women Entrepreneurship In India562 to 575Download
81Dr.Veeramani.G, Dr. Arul Mary Rexy V, Mrs. D.HemalathaA Critical Analysis Of Fombrun Model Of Strategic Human Resource Management Practices 576 to 581Download
82 Dr. Umesh N. UdapureGender Discrimination And Human Rights Of Women 582 to 589Download
83 Dr. Priya Rajesh ParkarChanging Perspectives Of Local Community Threatens Sacred Grooves590 to 596Download
84Agarsana T KGlobalization As Seen Through The Lens Of World Literature597 to 598Download
85 Dr. Shalini AriImpact Of GST On Effectiveness Of Indirect Tax Administration599 to 605Download
86 डॉ. अभय श्रीहरी लाकडेमहात्मा फुले यांची सामाजिक सुधारणेत भूमिका प्राध्यापक 606 to 612Download
87Pradip B. Gaikwad, Dr Prashantkumar KamblePortrayal Of Familial Interrelationships In Jennifer Johnston’s Novel, Shadows On Our Skin613 to 618Download
88 Dr. Sangeeta Shukla, Dr. Deepak ShuklaA Study Of Impact Of Infrastructure Facilities And Socio Economic Status Of Sample Village Of Bilaspur District – Chhattisgarh State 619 to 633Download
89G. T. Rathod1 V.G., Mane,D. N. GatlewarComparative Variation In Hydrogen Ion Concentration Of Three Well Water Sample In Lohara Taluka (M.S.) India634 to 639Download
90 Dr.T.JayanthiIndo – Japanese Trade Agreement (1933 – 1940)640 to 644Download
91 Dr. Kirankumar C. Bharatiya, Dr. Maheshbhai N. Patel Science, Technology And Intellectual Property Rights: The Three Pillars For Women Empowerment645 to 652Download
92डॉ. भाऊसाहेब सोनाजी देवकर, राजीव गंगाधार देहाडेआधुनिक यंत्र मशागत पद्धतींचा जालना जिल्ह्यातील कृषी क्षेत्रावर झालेल्या बदलांचा भौगोलिक अभ्यास653 to 664Download
93डॉ.साईनाथ राधेशाम बनसोडेभारतीय समाजातील महिला विषयक कायदे 665 to 668Download
94प्रा. दिनेश न. गूजर डॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकरांचे राष्ट्रीय योगदान 669 to 675Download
95पाटील रविंद्र अमृत, प्रा. बरडे सुवर्णा साहेबरावविविध कालखंडातील भारतीय स्त्री जीवनातील स्थित्यंतरे : स्थान व दर्जाचा आढावा676 to 679Download
96 डॉ. सर्जेराव पांडुरंग चव्हाणशिक्षणशास्त्र महाविद्यालयातील प्रशिक्षणार्थीच्या सूक्ष्म अध्यापन कौशल्य मध्ये पारंपारिक अध्यापन पद्धती व संगणक सहाय्यक अनुदेशन उपक्रमाचा वापर करून त्यांच्या अध्ययनावर होणार्या परिणामकारकतेचा अभ्यास680 to 685Download
97 कु. आकृति खरे, डॉ. एस. बी. विश्वकर्माउच्च शिक्षा में अभिनव तकनीक की उपयोगिता686 to 690Download
98 श्री. चेपूरवार गंगाधर नरसिंगराव कथाकार प्रा.माधव सरकुंडे यांच्या कथेतील अंधश्रध्देचे चित्रण691 to 697Download
99 प्रा.डॉ.रमेश माणिकराव शिंदे समकालीन व्यंग्य का यथार्थ बोध : ‘वह लडकी’698 to 704Download
100 डॉ. संदिप गोविंदराव लोंढे ब्रम्ह संप्रदाय–एक अभ्यास705 to 707Download
101 प्रा. यू. ए. ढालेमहात्मा फुले यांच्या भारतीय शेती आणि शेतकऱ्यांविषयी विचारांची सद्यस्थितीतील प्रासंगिकता708 to 710Download
102 डॉ. क्षीरसागर बी. एस.‍नरहर कुरुंदकरांचे महाभारत ‍विषयक लेखन : एक ऐतिहासिक विश्लेषण711 to 719Download
103डॉ. रमेश प्रसाद कॉलभारत मे महिला सशक्तिकरण की भूमिका 720 to 725Download
104Dr. Dharmvir M. GurjarYoga: A Psychological Perspective726 to 729Download
105 Mr. Prakash N.Rokade, Dr. Mohd. Rafiq Ejaz Siddiqui Comparative Study Of Attitude Towards The Physical Fitness Knowledge Of Teachers 730 to 735Download
106सुजित माधवराव मेधणे, डॉ. कल्पना झरीकरप्राणायाम प्रशिक्षणाचा शालेय खेळाडूंच्या हृदयभिसरण दमदारपणावर
होणारा परिणाम अभ्यासणे
736 to 742Download
107Mr. Nirmal Michael Salvi ,Dr. Ranjan K. BadwanayComparative Study Of Speed Accuracy Among Defender And Forward National Hockey Players743 to 748Download
108 Mrs. Rakte Jyoti BhausahebOpen Source Software Tools For Libraries 749 to 754Download
109 Ms. Ashatai Rajaram MadaneReligious Sites Tourism And Perspectives For Development In Southern Maharashtra 755 to 760Download
110जांबुतकर बालाजी रामचंद्रहैदराबाद स्वतंत्र संग्रामात शेंबाळपिंप्री सशास्त्र कॅम्पचे योगदान - एक ऐतिहासिक अभ्यास 761 to 765 Download
111Mrs. Sushma Sumant
Dr. Vinod Vaze
Devolving A Blockchain-Based Cloud Computing System: Architecture And Research Issues 766 to 778Download
112Mrs. Amrit Kumar Patel
Dr. Ashok Kabri
The Importance Of Drug Solubility And Techniques For Solubility Enhancement 779 to 789Download
113Mrs. Rajni Sharma
Dr. Rahul Tiwari
A Review On Child Development Service (CDS) Among Early Stage Child 790 to 800Download
114Prajakta Vijaykumar Patil
Dr. Anshu Sharma
The Importance Of Indian Women Writers To World Literature 801 to 810Download
115Dr. Madhuri Madhukar DeshpandeExtraordinary Achievements Of Girish Karnad, Asif Currimbhoy And Mahesh Dattani In The Establishment Of Indian English Drama 811 to 816Download
116Mr. Kotilingaiah Nalamada
Dr. Rakesh Kumar
A Descriptive Analysis And Biological Studies Of Some Metal Complexes Of Thiosemicarbazide 817 to 824Download
117Mr. Ramdas Bhaurao JadhavThe Effect Of Creativity On Entrepreneurial Intentions: A Case Study Of Female Entrepreneurs 825 to 833Download
118Mr. Hassan MD Jillun NoorExplanations Of Themes Contained Within Chosen Works By J.M. Coetzee 834 to 841Download
119Vandana Ramashray YadavThe Crucial Function Of Community Policing Implementation By Security Agencies In India 842 to 863Download
120Mr. Sanjog Satish Kakade
Dr. Saurabh Kumar Singh
Social Media Surges In Digital Marketing A Perspective On Economic Growth 864 to 869Download
121Charu GuptaA Literature Survey On Six Sigma: Key Future Of Research Areas 870 to 877Download
122Mrs. Pooja Chauhan
Dr. Pankaj Jain
Behavior, Leadership, And Organizational Culture Of Employees During The Innovation Process 878 to 889Download
123Mrs. Sarita KadamA Comprehensive Analysis Of Infrared Light Therapy For Wound Healing Among Postnatal Mothers 890 to 899Download
124 डॉ. हेमंत वर्मालॉकडाउन और अर्थव्यवस्था खेलो क संदर्भ में एक विवेचन 900 to 902Download
125Dr. Sucheta NaikConsumer Behavior Towards Digital Marketing: An Overview903 to 910Download
126 Dr. Ravindra Shivaji DeoreConservation Of Forts In Maharashtra Through Tourism Development Policy911 to 918Download
127Mrs. Shobha Mangeshrao MaknikarA Review On Microbial Contamination Detection In Water Resources919 to 928Download
128Ms. MontyA Study On Locus Of Control, Feeling Of Happiness And Self-Esteem929 to 936Download
129Rani MathewRole Of Libraries In Developing And Improving Plans Of Action For Learning937 to 943Download
130Mrs. Swapna TakalkarVitro And Vivo Combination For Evaluation Of Antibacterial Studies B Lactum Resistant Gram-Negative Bacteria944 to 952Download
131Mrs. Rupali BaliwantA Critical Role For Community Health Workers In Newborn Health Care And Survival953 to 962Download
132Mrs. Archana Baban KhadeThe Effects And The Use Of Ict On The Academic Performance Of The Students963 to 972Download
133Mr. Deepak Bhagwan VarsaleAn Analysis Of The Socio-Economic Conditions Of Tribal Communities973 to 979Download
134Mrs. Neha BhutadaVLSI-SOC: A Tradition That Will Last Forever980 to 993Download
135Mrs. Sheetal KhetiyaA Study On An Emerging Cyber Law Issue994 to 1005Download
136डॉ. सुप्रिया अमर शिंदे
कोरोनाचे सामाजिक परीणाम1006 to 1011Download
137 प्रा. संदे राजेसाहेब नबीकृषी मालाचा खर्च आणि किंमत यांचे विश्लेषण1012 to 1024Download
138Mr. Kishor Dashrath Kamble
Dr. M. R. Erande
To Study And Determine The Tourist Satisfaction Index Of Malganga Pilgrim Station In Parner Tahsil, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra1025 to 1033Download
139Sunil Ratnakar Sonwane, Dr. Shiva M. Padme Impact of Pandemic on Private and Public Sector Housing Finance Companies in India: A Comparative Study1034 to 1040Download
140Mrs. Saminder Malik
Dr. Priyesh Jain
Perceptions And Attitudes Of Pregnant Women Regarding Contemporary And Traditional Midwives, And The Perceptional Influence On Health Seeking Behaviour1041 to 1051Download
141Pooja Soni
Dr. Cinu Abdeesso
A Review Of The Most Recent Evidence Concerning The Use Of Hormone Replacement Therapy In Menopause1052 to 1060Download
142Ms. Dingankar Niha Noormohammad Shabana
Dr. Vinod Vaze
An Overview Of Computational Studies Concerning The Development Of Tumors1061 to 1072Download
143Ranjeeta Gholve
Dr. Imran Khan
A Spice With Multipurpose Medicative Features: Turmeric1073 to 1082Download
Dr. Vineeta Basotia
An Application Of Fuzzy Logic To The Modeling Of The Indian Economy1083 to 1089Download
145Ms. Prajakta Patil
Dr. Anshu Sharma
Gauri Deshpande's Poetry Reflections On The Image Of Women In India1090 to 1097Download
146Mr. Ishfaq Majeed Malik
Dr. Javid Lone
An Investigation Of The Connection Between Exposure To Pesticides And Slowing Of Intrauterine Development1098 to 1107Download
147सौ. मनिषा विद्यानंद शिंदे
डॉ.प्रतिभा शंकर घाग
गौरी देशपांडे यांच्या तात्विक अभिव्यक्ती आणि स्त्रीवादी विचारसरणीचे विश्लेषण1108 to 1112Download
148Dr. Navnath K. BansodeA Study Of Online Digital Payment Transaction Of Village Shops In Karveer And Radhanagari Tahsil1113 to 1124Download
149Mrs. Geeta Toravi
Dr. Sushmita Sil
Nurse Challenges In India: The Major Workforce Of The Healthcare System1125 to 1131Download
150Mr. Madan Mohan Jadhav
Dr. Jitendrakumar Namdeo Shinde
Risk Evaluation Of Communication And Antenna Management For Railway Vehicle Antennas1132 to 1138Download
151Mrs. Payal Rathi
Dr. Durga Lal Pareek
A Review Of The Relationship Between Academic Anxiety And Academic Performance1139 to 1148Download
152Mrs. Shubhangi Namdeorao Thorat
Dr. Fathima Latheef
An Examination Of The Current State Of Respectful Maternity Care On A National Scale1149 to 1156Download
153Dr. S. K. Pawar
Mr. S. D. Kamble
Trends And Patterns Of Urbanization In Sangli District1157 to 1164Download
154Dr. Sunita M. Chavan
Prof. Dr. Sambhaji D. Shinde
General Landuse Pattern In Khodashi Dam Command Area In Karad Tahsil Of Satara District (Maharashtra)1165 to 1170Download
155श्री. प्रविण शशीकांत कुलकर्णी
डॉ. सुनिल पंढरे
व्हॉलीबॉल खेळाडूंच्या कामगिरीमध्ये स्पोर्ट्स व्हिजनची भूमिका आणि डोळा हात समन्वय प्रशिक्षण1171 to 1183Download
156डॉ. आकाश शेषराव बांगरसार्वजनिक धोरण निश्चितीच्या माध्यमांचा अभ्यास1184 to 1190Download
157Mr. Kartik Shankarrao Waghmare
Dr. Vineeta Basotia
A Review On The Diverse Phenomena Of Nonlinear Fractional Order Differential Equations1191 to 1200Download
158डॉ. अर्जुन जाधवभारतातील सायबर गुन्हेगारी: एक अभ्यास1201 to 1206Download
159विनोद रमेश डिकेशाश्वत विकासातील सार्वजनिक आरोग्य व स्वास्थ्याचा प्रवास1207 to 1213Download
160Mr. Subash KutumWomen and Freedom Struggle in North East India
1214 to 1223Download
161Dr. Sachin Dadaji KuvarEthnobotanical Uses Of Plants From Family Solanaceae Used By Kokni Tribal Of Nasik And Dhule Districts Of Maharashtra

1224 to 1233Download
162Dr. Virupaksh R. KhanajTraditional Poverty measurement and Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI)1234 to 1244Download

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Vol. 9 No. 5

May – June  2022


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1 Sumeet Chavhan , Md. BabarAnalysis Of Tilting Signatures Of The Koradi Nadi Found In The Vicinity Of The Penganga River Basin.1 to 10Download
2Dr. Vaishali Ravindra TaleleEconomic Development Of Heritage Tourism – A Geographical Study Of Satara Distirict11 to 17Download
3Dr. Parvathi PatiThe Impact Of Air Pollution On Human Health18 to 22Download
4Dr. Sumita Mandal Ancient Indian Krishi, A Boon To Modern Agriculture: A Literary23 to 26Download
5Hanumant Shankar Helakar, Dr. D. G. ShindeA Geographical Study Of Scheduled Caste Population Distribution In Solapur District27 to 30Download
6Hande M. B Yadav S. SCloud Condition As A Climate Change Indicator Of Pune Division (Maharashtra)31 to 34Download
7Ms. Poonam Lohan, Ms. Ritu SainiHealth Status Profile Of Slum Area In Jind City35 to 48Download
8Smt. Archana Pandurang Kshirsagar Sustainable Development And Education49 to 52Download
9Dr. Tanpure V. SAdventure Sports: A Mind Blowing Remedy 53 to 55Download
10Dr. Vijay P. Gorde, Parag S. Meshram A Geographical Study Of Crop Diversification Of Chandrapur District - 2017 – 201856 to 59Download
11Mr. Dundappa Y Badlakkanavar, Dr. Saneetha R ManeSignificance Of Water And Sanitation In Schools60 to 64Download
12Shaziya Mohammed Irfan MominPerspectives On Sustainability Of Wildlife65 to 67Download
13Kaleeshwari. S, Dr.M. JegadeeshwaranImpact Of Greenex On Sustainable Economic Development In India68 to 73Download
14Dr. Patil N. J.Economic Survey Of Malegaon Village: A Case Study74 to 77Download
15Adik Manisha Sarangdhar ,Dr.Suresh KumarImpact Of Naturalism On English Literature With Special Reference Of Thomas Hardy’s Major Novels78 to 83Download
16Dr Subhash Kumar Sharma, Dr Shri Prakash DubeyBiosensor Principle And Its Application84 to 88Download
17Dr. Ramesh Prasad KolConceptual And Institutional Prerequisites For Guiding Equitable Progress Towards Universal Rural Electrification89 to 98Download
18 Prasanta MujraiA Geospatial Analysis Of The Expanding Human Population Across The World99 to 108Download
19Dr. Suresha M, Pavithra M KSustainable Tourism Development And Natural Resources Management For Developing Countries109 to116Download
20Dr. Manoj R PandeyA Study On Role And Importance Of Internship During Or In Graduate Programs117 to 120Download
21Dr. Swati KekareA Review Of Current Literature: Covid 19 And Mental Health In India121 to 126Download
22Dr. K. V. Sridhar, V. R. S. KrishnaA Study On Analysis Of Gold Exchange Traded Funds127 to 129Download
23Assit. Prof. Ms.Varsharani Shivaji GhadageDigital Marketing: Opportunities & Challenges130 to 131Download
24 Pratap Kumar Ghorai, Priyanka SarkarA Poetic Sentence Of Tagore Help To Realize Higher Human Values132 to 134Download
25Prof. Anup Jadhav, Ms. Zeel DawdaNetwork Marketing: The New Age Fad135 to 139Download
26Dr. Vishal N. ThanganA Study Of Social, Economical And Psychological Conditions Of Young Employed And Self-Employed Generations During Covid-19 And Their Efforts To Overcome The Situation With Reference To Nagpur City140 to 145Download
27Joshua Benaiah.S, Nevetha.NA Study Of Evolution And Future Of Supply Chain
146 to 151Download
28Savita Tushar Loke , Shobha kokane, Keerthi naiduA Study On Individual Investors' Perceptions Of Credit Rating Agencies In India, Particularly In Navi Mumbai152 to 156Download
29Mrs. Reshmi Jolly, Mrs.Priyanka V. Mahadik, Ms. Niketa PillaiA Study On Factors Influencing Buying Behaviour Of Consumers Towards Particular Brand Of Shampoo157 to 161Download
30Sri Dibyendu Banik, Sri Ragubir SahuPresent Financial Turmoil In Sri Lanka And Its Fall Out: A Review162 to 167Download
31Dr. Asem Puinabati DeviRite Of Passage Of The Lois In Manipur168 to 173Download
32Biju. G, Dr. Sreevrinda Nair NCross-Cultural Education Strategies And Implications In The Present Scenario174 to 179Download
33 Dr. A. P. DudhbureNagzira Wildlife Sanctuary: Green Lungs Of Vidarbha180 to 182Download
34Dr. S. U. Darekar A Study Of Climate Change And Indian Agriculture183 to 185Download
35प्रा. प्रफुल एम. राजुरवाडेपर्यावरण जाणीव जागृतीत पत्रकारीतेचे योगदान186 to 189Download
36प्रा. डॉ. गायके एम. एम.रत्नकुमार सांभारीया व्यक्तित्व एवं स्त्री दृष्टिकोन190 to 192Download
37Vilas V. Thakare, Sanjay M. Pawar , Manojkumar R. Kumavat ,Kailas V. ThakarePhysico-Chemical Water Quality Assessment Of Ambadi Dam, Kannad, Dist- Aurangabad (Mh)193 to 196Download
38Dr. Prashant.U. TerkerSequence Of Lava Flows In Vambori Dongargan Ghat Section In Ahamadnagar District197 to 200Download
39Lekshmi Sekher . GAwareness Of Socio Scientific Issues Among Secondary School Students201to 205Download
40Dr. Samadhan P. BorseDigitisation For Opening New Business Ventures206 to 211Download
41 N. B. Mane, C. J. KhilareEffect Of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi On The Growth Of Tephrosia Purpurea Pers. In Drought Prone Area Of Satara District Of Maharashtra, India212 to 214Download
42Sandhra Mariya GeorgeComparision Of E-Banking And Its Security Awareness Among Customers Of Public And Private Sector Banks215 to 221Download
43Mr. Chavan R. R, Dr. Kumbhar K. NApplication Of ICT In Library Services: With Special Reference To Medical Libraries In Kolhapur222 to 224Download
44Shri Prakash Dubey, Subhash Kumar SharmaVariation Of Phase Transition And Ferroelectric Behavior Of Cd(C2h3o2)2.2h2o Mixed Silver Oxide With Temperature, Quality Factor And Temperature Coefficient Of Resonant Frequency225 to 230Download
45डॉ. एस. डी. सावंतछत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांचे आगऱ्याहून सुटकेनंतरचे वास्तव्य: मनोहर गड231 to 233Download
46Dr. M. Sadiya Sarvath, Fuzail B. AhmedAcademic Performance And Behavioral Change Among Online Class Attendants - Study With Reference To Digital Education234 to 239Download
47डॉ. हेमंत वर्मा.ई-स्पोर्ट्स: वर्चुअल मैदान पर खेली जाने वाली एक आधुनिक संकल्पना240 to 243Download
48 Chimankar N.V.Preservation Of Myxomycetous Biodiversity From Navegaon Bandh244 to 248Download
49प्रा. डॉ. बनसोडे सत्यवान पुंडलिकसहकारी क्षेत्राची रोजगारनिर्मिती मधील भूमिका249 to 252Download
50 प्रा. डॉ. भोगे दिगंबर भागवतभारतातील नागरी सहकारी बँकिंगचा विकास253 to 257Download
51प्रा. डॉ. अमृता गणपती मगदुमभारतातील सहकार चळवळ258 to 262Download
52डॉ. ज्ञानराजा चिघळीकरडॉ. बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर यांचे सहकार विषयक विचार 263 to 266Download
53 प्रा. डॉ. अमृता गणपती मगदुम आर्थिक विकासातील सहकाराची भूमिका267 to 271Download
54डॉ.आर.पी.पाटील, श्री. सुनिल पंनित बोरसेआर्थिक विकासासाठी वित्तपुरवठा करण्यासाठी कर आकारणीची भूमिका272 to 275Download
55प्रा. एल. के. पवारमहाराष्ट्र गृहनिर्माण सहकारी संस्था276 to 282Download
56 प्रा. डी. के. भेरे, प्रा. बसवराज सी. पाटीलमहाराष्ट्रातील सहकारी बँकांचा संक्षिप्त आढावा283 to 286Download
57प्रा. डॉ. शामल भिवराव जाधववृध्दांच्या समस्या- एक अभ्यास287 to 293Download
58 Mrs. Rakte Jyoti BhausahebInformation Communication Technology In Academic Libraries294 to 297Download
59 प्रा. प्रशांत तुकाराम गांजवेकोविड 19 चा प्रसार आणि बदलते आंतरराष्ट्रीय संबंध298 to 303Download
60Dr. Namdeo AdnaikManagement Of Fisheries In Shahuwadi Tehsil304 to 309Download
61Mr. Sarjerao Sadashiv Chile , Dr. Sunil Ananda PatilProgress Of Co-Operative Sugar Factories In Maharashtra310 to 313Download
62Dr. Satyawan Pundlik BansodeRole Of Co-Operative Banks In Rural India314 to 316Download
63 Dr. Manjusha R. Rajamane‘Self Help Groups And Financial Freedom Of Rural Women In India: A Study’317to 319Download
64Dr. Santosh BaraleAn Economics Of Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperative Societies320 to 324Download
65Dr.Shivaji A. PawarA Study On Institutional Support To The Self-Help Group In Maharashtra325 to 329Download
66Dr. Pravin Gulabrao BabarAn Inspirational Economist Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar330 to 334Download
67Dr. Sunil Gosavi WEconomic Impact Of Shgs On Members Of Shgs In Maharashtra335 to 337Download
68Arvind A. Badgujar , Jaywantrao G. PatilAwareness About Factors Leading To Declining Sex Ratio : A Case Study Of Jalgaon District (MS)338 to 345Download
69Arvind A. Badgujar, Jaywantrao G. PatilChild Sex Ratio In Nandurbar District Of Maharashtra : Recent Trends And Patterns346 to 350Download
70Purnendu Basu, Indra Prasad TirwaAn Empirical Analysis Of Perception Of The Bhutanese Banking Customers Towards The Adoption Of Digital Banking351 to 357Download
71Dr. Sarika SinhaDevelopment Of Education And Its Role In Shaping India With Holistic Education System:358 to 359Download
72Prof. Jaee Jogalekar, Ms. Akansha Jadhav, Ms. Palak Agrawal360 Degree Apprailsal: A Boon To Human Reasource Management360 to 362Download
73श्री. चेपूरवार गंगाधर नरसिंगरावमाधव सरकुंडे यांच्या कथेची भाषाशैली (विशेष संदर्भ : 'सर्वा' व 'ताडमं' कथासंग्रह.) 363 to 364Download
74डॉ. रमाकांत शिवाजीराव शातलवार शिख धर्म गुरुग्रंथसाहिबातील मराठी संत नामदेव365 to 366Download
75Mrs Swati Venkatrao AddeThe Cause And Effect Of Rising Nflation367 to 369Download
76Kriti Sharma, Dr Mani BhatiaA Study On The State-Wise Collection Of Gst In India370 to 376Download
77Dr. RafiyaEducating Rural Women Its Importance And Issues- A Case Study377 to 382Download
78Swapnil V. Nakat, Sharayu M. ThoratSynthesis And Characterization Of Substituted Thiocarbamide And Formamidine By Reductive Desulfurization383 to 385Download
79Dr. Jadhav Namadev DigambarDomestic Violence: National & International Perspective386 to 388Download
80Mr. Manik A. JanbandhuCultural Conflict And Social Realism In The Fiction Of Kiran Desai And Arvind Adiga389 to 392Download
81Mr Ranjan KumarStudy Of The Impact On Goods And Services Tax Collection Due To Covid-19393 to 396Download
82Logesh. T, Dr. B. Seetha DeviProblems And Prospects Of Manufacturing Of Coir Products In India397 to 401Download
83Himansu Kumar MondalJogendranath Mandal: His Role As A Leader Of Scheduled Castes In India’s Freedom Movement And Muslim League Politics (1937-1947)402 to 403Download
84Ediga Lakshmi Shreyah SrithaRole Of Embedded Systems In Automobile Industry 404 to 407Download
85Dr. Nandini DeshpandeA Study On Cooperative Marketing In 21st Century408 to 410Download
86Dr. Khade Amol TukaramRole Of Co Operation In Rural Development In India411 to 412Download
87प्रा. काटे अजय दगडू , डॉ. कोकरे साधू हणमंतमहाराष्ट्रातील सहकार चळवळीचा विकास413 to 415Download
88 Yogesh Kadam, Ravindra G. JaybhayeAssessment Of Spatio-Temporal Distribution Of Road Accidents In Ahmednagar City In India416 to 21Download
89Mr. Sajad HussainSounds Of Kashmiri Language422 to 425Download
90Atul Kumar PathakA Study Of Role Of Foreign Direct Investment (Fdi) In Indian Economy426 to 433Download
91Rev. Fr. T. Amala Arockia Raj, S.J, Dr.B.Ramija A Study On Inculcating Social Responsibility Among The College Students434 to 437Download
92Mr. Janrao Rakesh RohidasRole Of Electricity In Economic Development: Govt. Policy438 to 440Download
93डॉ. अमित गायधनीशासकीय योजनेतून पूर्व विदर्भातील "मल काझरी" खेडे गावाचा शाश्वत विकास" एक चिकित्सक अभ्यास 441 to 446Download
94Shyam Kumar, Dr. Rahul AminRole Of Film Critic In Film Making And Its Impact On Audience During Pandemic: An Analysis447 to 450Download
95Dr. S. S. PawarA Study On Digital Marketing: Opportunities And Challenges 451 to 459Download
96Raghavendra S Gouri
S. M. Hurakadli
Demographic Characteristics Of Chikkodi Taluka In Belagavi District: Karnataka State460 to 469Download
97Dr. Arun S OddinWard Wise Distribution And Growth Of Scheduled Caste And Scheduled Tribes Population In Nippani Town470 to 477Download
98M. S. Kadam,
S. S. Nanware
D. B. Bhure
Studies On Icthyofaunal Diversity From Vishnupuri Dam, Nanded478 to 481Download
99N. B. Gavhane,
P. S. Manoorkar, Dhanraj Balbhim Bhure,
Sanjay Shamrao Nanware
M. S. Kadam
Studies On Seasonal Dynamics Of Helminthic Infection Of Freshwater Fish Wallago Attu482 to 485Download
100Dr. Syed Haseeb OsmanA Study on Impact of Cyber Atmospherics on Buyers of Different E-Retailing Sites486 to 492Download
101Dr. S. MadhusudananWork From Home And It Employees’ Work Autonomy493 to 495Download
102Gnanaraj .SPrevalence Of Internet Addiction Among Students Of Periyar Maniammai Institute Of Science & Technology496 to 499Download
103Dr. Korde SeemaFish Diseases – Causes, Symptoms And Treatments500 to 502Download
104Dr. Ashok Shamrao PatilA Critical Analysis And Performance Of Population In Sustainable Development In India 503 to 507Download
105Dr. Ranjana S. Zinjore, Dr. Varsha M. PathakAnalysis Of Online Meeting Software In Higher Education: A Review Institutes In North Maharashtra Region508 to 513Download
106Dr. BadruddinPolitical Philosophy Of Bal Gangadhar Tilak: Contemporary Relevance & Challenges 514 to 518Download
107Paras Mehak Khokkhar, Chitsimran, Dilpreet KaurFinancial Literacy For Uniform Financial Inclusion For Women In India519 to 523Download
108Dr. Sangaraj HosamaniRole Of Digital Information Sources In Research524 to 526Download
109 Bhausaheb Shamrao Vadar A Study On Analysis Of Development Of Health, Sports And Physical Education In India527 to 533Download
110 Dilpreet Kaur, Chitsimran, Rakesh MahajanDoes Social Banking Matters? : A Comparative Probe In Indian Banking Sector534 to 539Download
111Raghavendra N, Harish A, Raghava Y, Rohith RDesign And Fabrication Of Stir Casting Furnace With Bottom Pouring Arrangement For The Development Of Particulate Metal Matrix Composite540 to 543Download
112Mr.Vinayak Nachankar, Dr.Rama S Lokhande, Dr. Purnima Nag, Dr.Ravi YadavScientific Study For Content Of 1-Bromo-3-Chloropropane ,4-Fluoro-Aniline And 2-Chloro-1-Fluoro-4-Nitrobenzene In Gefitinib By Gcms Technique544 to 549Download
113Smruti SwaroopTrends In Research In English And Hindi Literature From 2010 To 2019: A Study Based On Shodhganga Portal550 to 553Download
114 Dr. Pratap Kumar GhoraiImportance Of Social Research To Overcome The Social Problems In India554 to 557Download
115Dr. Sharmila Ashok SabaleA Study On Critical Analysis Of Indian History And Socialism558 to 562Download
116 Biju AntonyExpeditious Resolution Of Disputes - Constitutional Vision, Trends And Solutions563 to 565Download
117 Dr .Ananta Shivaji KotkarA Study Of Anxiety Among Science And Arts Junior College Students566 to 569Download
118Kapil Bishla, Dr. Yogesh Chandra VishnoiRoll Of Arhitya For Promoting Digital Payment Among Farmers570 to 572Download
119 Neha. K. Patel, Dr J. K. PatelA Liquidity Analysis Of Power Sector In Gujarat573 to 576Download
120Chiranjib DahalTrends And Areas In Research In Social Sciences In Assam577 to 580Download
121 Mrs. Licy vargheseTrends And Areas In Research In Commerce581 to 583Download
122Mr. Mahesh Krishna MaliRecent Trends In English Literature Research584 to 586Download
123Dr. Hina Shah, Ms. Soma GuhaImpact Of Covid 19 Pandemic On Elderly Adult: Research Trends587 to 591Download
124Dr Sunil Dattatray ChavanYogasana Reduce The Blood Pressure592 to 597Download
125Rafat Quamar, Vandana NigamBiodiversity Of Keratinophilic Fungal Flora In Kanpur Zoological Park, Kanpur, India598 to 601Download
126Mohd Iqbal, Joinal Hussain LaskarGender And Politics: Through Political Participation In India602 to 606Download
127Mrs.Rupali Baliwant, Dr.Jinu K.RajanA Review On Contraceptive Methods Requirements, Options, And Use607 to 611Download
128Mrs.Sarita Kadam, Dr.Shabana AnjumA Study On Pain Relief With Infrared Light Fomentation In Postpartum Mothers With Episiotomy612 to 614Download
129Mrs.Yogita Sandeep Dethe, Dr.Shabana AnjumA Brief Review On Academic Stress Amongst Students615 to 619Download
130 Mrs.Shobha Mangeshrao Maknikar, Dr.Imran KhanAn Examination Of Microbial Water Pollution With Special Reference To Coliform Bacteria620 to 626Download
131Mrs. Savita Devi, Dr. Rakesh Kumar JatA Review On The Approach Of Oral Dispersible System In Drug Delivery 627 to 631Download
132Mr. Thorat Rahul Dagadu, Satish D. Jagtap, Dr. Meghana M. BhosaleA Study Of Employees Satisfaction With Special Reference To District Rural Development Agency (Drda) Ahmednagar (M.S.)”632 to 635Download
133 Ashutosh Kumar TiwariReverse Labour Migration: Politics & Economics Post Covid19636 to 639Download
134Arvind A. BadgujarAwareness Of The Existence Of Dowry And Dowry Harassment As A Cause Of Declining Sex Ratio : A Case Study Of Jalgaon District (MS)640 to 645Download
135Osin, Dr. Mitanjali SahooPerformance-Based Assessment In Science At Elementary School Level646 to 650Download
136Dr. Kishor KumarThreats And Opportunities In Changing Accounting Systems To Digital651 to 655Download
137Sameer BaruahStatus Of Fruit Crops In Tezpur Area Of Assam: A Study In Urban Horticulture656 to 659Download
138Prasanta MujraiAn Empirical Investigation Of The Role That Reference Plays In Reducing Instances Of Plagiarism In Academic Research660 to 668Download
139Dr Rajesh Kumar ManglaRole & Concept Of Literature Review669 to 671Download
140M. Angala Eswari, S. Balamurugan, M.Anitha A Study On Chromatic Total Domination In Jahangir Graph672 to 674Download
141 Ujwala W. FuleAquatic Invertibrates Diversity Of Sarangpuri Lake, Arvi, District- Wardha, India (M.S)675 to 679Download
142Dr.Shahin Jahan A. MalikA Literary Research On Coriolanus – A Shakespearean Play 680 to 681Download
143 Dr. Divya NigamAcademic Research Writing: Appropriate Methodological Approach For The Beginners682 to 685Download
144Dr. V. V. KshirsagarMeaning And Scope Of Rural Entrepreneurship In India686 to 687Download
145Dr. Mehul P. GandhiEffect Of Resistance Training On Agility And Cardio Espiratory Endurance Of Volleyball Players688 to 690Download
146Dr. Shivprasad V.Dongare, Shrawan Baban BansodeA Study Of The Impact Of Human Resource Management On Organizational Performance691 to 695Download
147 Mrs. Seema Mahesh MaliNew Trends Of Research In English Language And English Language Teaching696 to 698Download
148 Nitheesh Slv, Rajashekara M NThe Role Of Social Media And Information Technology In Research699 to 700Download
149Deepali Baregama, Devendra PareekEnhancement Of Secondary Rdiation Flux During Perihelion Approach Of Comet C/2021 A1 (Leonard) Towards Earth In Month Of December, 2021 At Udaipur, India701 to 705Download
150 A. Y. ShaikhResearch Methodologies And Techniques Developments706 to 707Download
151Shivangi Awasthi Social Media Marketing: Advantages And Challenges708 to 710Download
152Dr. Mangal Vishnu LondheNew Trends In Mexican American Literature711 to 712Download
153Vikrant HoodaRole Of Academic Libraries In Research713 to 715Download
154Dr. Hindurao Vasant Sankpal, Smt. Asmita Dadaso GhorpadeA Study On Financial Analysis Of Tiffin Service Providers In Satara City716 to 723Download
155Vijay Prakash Prajapati, Kuldeep Verma, Dr. R.K. Dhodi, Dr. Rashmi DhodiFuture Trends In Tourism And Hospitality Sector After Covid-19724 to 726Download
156Dr. S. MuthumariTrends And Areas In Social Media And Research In Viral Marketing727 to 729Download
157Dr. kashinath Ramachandra Chavan, Dr. Hindurao Vasant SankpalA Study On Socio-Economic Condition Of Self Help Groups In Man Taluka (Satara District)730 to 736Download
158Suryawanshi A. V.Comparetive Study Of Length Weight Relationship Of Lamellidens Marginalis And Lamellidens Corrianus737 to 739Download
159 Dr. Manoj M. ThaoreImpact Of Social Media On Business, Education And Society740 to 742Download
160Adv. Shradha Manoj DeshmukhTrends And Areas In Research In Law743 to 746Download
161D. SaraswathiRole Of Ai And Vr In Improving Buyer Decisions747 to 749Download
162 Dhirendra nath GoshThe Revolt Of 1857: A Critical Study750 to 752Download
163Shrutika Rajendra JagadaleA Study Socio-Economic Status Of Female Agricultural Labour In Kumathe Village Tal: Koregaon, Dist :
753 to 755Download
164Ms. Gayatri Aniket PawarThe Relationship Between Rainfall And Vegetation In The Pune Division (Maharashtra)756 to 759Download
165Mr. Nanduri Anil Kumar, Ms. Ch. KavyaImpact Of Performance Appraisal On Employee Well – Being760 to 763Download
166 Lakshmi Anand, Rangaswamy RThe Impact Of Social Media Networking Sites On Academic Research764 to 766Download
167 Mr. Mahendra Mahadev JanawadeA Study On Challenges Of Competitive Exam Aspirants With Special Reference To Kolhapur City767 to 770Download
168Hitesh U. ShingadiaStatus And Conservation Strategies Of Indian Wild Ass (Equus Hemionus Khur) In Little Rann Of Kutch, Gujarat - A Review771 to 776Download
169Mr. Ghadge Amit BabasahebA Review Of Effectiveness Of Spices As Antimicrobial Agents In Food Preservation777 to 781Download
170Mr. Mahendra Jayawant Khare, Dr. Shamrao Bhagawan WayseThe Role Of The Unorganized Sector In India’s Development In The 21st Century782 to 785Download
171Dr. Aashish S. Jani, Ms. Revati HunswadkarA Study Of Integrating Innovation In A Traditional Classroom For Teaching 21st Century Skills786 to 790Download
172Prof. D. N. Karle, Prof. S. R.Varpe“Emerging Trends & Current Perspectives Of Agricultural Marketing System In India”791 to 795Download
173Dr. Smit R. Shah (MPT In Neurology) ,Vaishnavi Khanderao Zoman, Krupali Bharat Jadhav ,Mahek Divyesh PatelImmediate Effects Of Positional Release Technique Versus Cryo-Stretching On Pain And Functional Activities In College Going Students With Upper Trapezitis796 to 799Download
174Divya Nitinkumar Shah, Prin. Dr. Jagdishbhai K.PatelSolvency Analysis Of Selected Private Power Sector Companies Of India800 to 804Download
175Miss. Ankhi SahaA Study On The Migratory Practices Of The Rajbanshis Of Darjiling District: A Perspective On Gender Choices For Education805 to 807Download
176Kinnariben A. Modi, Dr. J. K. PatelA Study On Awareness Of The Process Of Cas In Small And Medium Enterprises With Reference To The Size Of The Business808 to 810Download
177Smt. I. Rama Haritha, Dr. Gandham Sri Rama Krishna, Dr.N.G.S. PrasadFootprints Of The Teacher For Student’s Career Development811 to 814Download
178 P. Preeti, Dr. Smitha Sambrania study to analyze the influence of marketing factors on purchase of organic products815 to 818Download
179Bansode Yogita Rajendra Social Psychological Identity In Rudolfo Anaya’s819 to 821Download
180Assit. Prof. Sunil Laxman MaliValue Added Tax In Maharashtra822 to 824Download
181Yograjsingh R BaisA Study Of Basic Needs Of Socio-Legal Research825 to 828Download
182Dr. Suresh Pandurang PatilManjula Padmanabhan’s ‘Harvest’: A Science Fiction829 to 832Download
183Bushra BarkatiRole Of Corporate Social Responsibility In Promoting Ecological Sustainability: An Analysis Of India833 to 838Download
184Pri. R. L. NirmaleEmerging Trends In Education839 to 841Download
185 D. GnyaneswerDigital Transformation Of Accounting In India842 to 846Download
186Priyanka SinghThe Effects Of Geogebra On Mathematical Modeling: Enlightening Probability Distribution Learning847 to 850Download
187 Dr Kritika, AditiAgriculture And Economic Development851 to 855Download
188 D.G. KapadnisInventory Of Zooplankton Diversity From Kashyapi Dam, Rajapur, District Nashik, Maharashtra856 to 858Download
189 Dr. Shalini ChaudharyWomen Entrepreneurship In India: Challenges & Opportunities 859 to 861Download
190 Rashmi Singh, Poonam SharmaInitiatives Taken For Urban Mobility And Transportation In Jaipur Smart City862 to 865Download
191 Nilkanth. R. Kamble“Comparative Study Of Physical Fitness Among Rural And Urban College Girls Of Kolhapur District”866 to 868Download
192Dr. Rupali BhagwatA Study On Recent Trends In Banking Sector In India 869 to 877Download
193 S. S. Bhalerao, Surve P. RA Bhartiya Grass Gall-Midge (Diptera:Cecidomyiidae) Acase Study878 to 879Download
194 Dr. Ganesh Vijaykumar Jadhav, Alankar GaikwadDystopian Fiction: An Emerging Trend Of Literature880 to 883Download
195 Mr. Vijay Vasant KambleA Study On Role Of Joint Liability Groups ( Jlg ) In Women Development In Selected Villages Of Gadhinglaj Tehasil In Kolhapur884 to 885Download
196 Vinaya Keshav Kamble, Dr. Lata S. PatilA Study Of The Problems Which Faced By The Research Scholars In Internet Based Research And Computer Uses886 to 887Download
197Dr.Devendra Bapuso Birnale“An Analytical study of the skills useful at the International Kabaddi Tournaments.”888 to 890Download
198Akanksha Singh Tomar, Dr. Vandana NigamEffect Of Temperature And Moisture Content Of Soil On Growth Of Some Isolated Dematiaceous Fungi Of Kanpur891 to 894Download
199प्रा. पाटील वंदना सांडूरावआंतरविद्याशाखीय व बहुविद्याशाखीय अशक्य संशोधनाच्या विविध संधी
895 to 898Download
200डॉ.चंद्रकांत ध. कांबळेकोविड -19 च्या कालावधीनंतर सामाजिक समस्यांचे प्रवाह899 to 904Download
201प्रा.कोकरे संतोष संजयनव महाराष्ट्रातील नव सतांत्तरे905 to 910Download
202मंगेश वामनराव वागदे, प्रा.डॉ. विकास बोरकरग्रंथालय व माहितीशास्त्रतील संशोधन घटकांचे स्रोत आणि लक्षणे
915 to 917Download
203 डॉ.एस.ए.मोरेछत्रपती शाहू महाराजांचे प्लेग निवारण व समकालीन प्रस्तुतता915 to 917Download
204संजय कुमार भक्ति आंदोलन मे संत कबीर का योगदान एवं सामाजिक गतिशीलता
918 to 922Download
205प्रा. पियुष सिताराम घोडे
आंतराष्ट्रीय विपणनाचे फायदे व आव्हाने 923 to 924Download
206 डॉ. गिरीश मोरेसंदर्भनिर्देशनाचे विविध प्रकार925 to 928Download
207श्रीमती. प्रीती, डॉ. रवीन्द्र कुमारपुस्तकालय स्वचालन में बारकोडिंग की आवश्यकता एवं उपयोगिता929 to 932Download
208सुभाष ज्ञानेश्वरराव गोटफोडे, प्रा. डॉ. किशोर वि. साबळेछत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांचे आर्थिक विचार933 to 942Download
209प्रा.सौ. हेमलता यु. मुकणेआदिवासी वारली समाज – जंगल व पर्यावरण943 to 946Download
210सुधीर तुळशीदास न्हावेलकरमहाराष्ट्रातील सामाजिक सुधारणा व जातीव्यवस्थेचे उच्चाटन947 to 950Download
211डॉ.खंडेराव शिंदेरुकडी जि.कोल्हापूर येथील राजेबागस्वार दर्गा एक ऐतिहासिक व धार्मिक पर्यटन951 to 953Download
212डॉ. रमाकांत शिवाजीराव शातलवारदौलताबाद किल्ला: मध्ययुगीन पुरातत्वीय स्थळ954 to 956Download
213डॉ. सौ. वंदना राजेश शिंदेमहाराष्ट्राचा दीपस्तंभ माननीय श्री वसंतराव नाईक यांचे सामाजिक क्षेत्रातील योगदान957 to 961Download
214 प्रा. डॉ. कळसकर सूर्यकांत नागनाथप्लास्टिक कचरा आणि पर्यावरण962 to 965Download
215प्रितेशकुमार बी. पटेल, डॉ. डी. पी. माच्छी बृहद संहिता में भूजल विज्ञान966 to 969Download
216पंचाल अमितापिछले दस वर्षों में किये गये हिन्दी बाल साहित्य के अभ्यासों का मूल्यांकन970 to 972Download
217प्रा. बाळासाहेब म्हाळू सरगर बॅटल रोप प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रमाचा कब्बडी खेळाडूंच्या कारक क्षमतेवर होणाऱ्या परिणामाचा अभ्यास
973 to 978Download
218डॉ. गणेश रमेश सिंहासने, डॉ. महेश रंगराव पाटीलकोरोना महामारी च्या काळात वाढलेल्या तनाव व जीवनाच्या गुणवत्तेवर व्यायामाचा होणारा होणाऱ्या परिणामाचा अभ्यास
979 to 981Download
219डॉ. लता शिवाजी पाटील, श्रीमती संगीता बाबासो मानेशिक्षण शास्त्र विषयातील संशोधन क्षेत्राचे विश्लेषण
982 to 985Download
220 अमर अण्णा बुल्लेयुरोपीयन, अमेरिकन, भारतातील कामगार संघटनां यांचा तुलनात्मक अभ्यास986 to 994Download
221Dr. Ajay TiwariConducting Literature Review: Purpose And Process A Study Of Research Methodology In Geography With Reference Nep 2020995 to 996Download
222 Dr. Nidhi MishraMajor Trends In Elt In 21st Century997 to 999Download
223Dr. Asmita Prajakt PatilRelevance Of Comparative Research In Law1000 to1002Download
224Rajpriya Laxmichand Patel, Dr. Jagdishbhai K. PatelA Comparative Analysis Of Redington Ltd And Compuage Infocom Ltd On The Base Of Liquidity1003 to 1006Download
225Mr. Sanjay A Patel, Dr. Jogendra SingEffect Of Strength Training On Physical Fitness Variables Of Intercollegiate Volleyball Players1007 to 1009Download
226 Mr. Sonu CherianA Study On The Effect Of Online Marketing On Present Generation Customer Buying Behaviour1010 to1011Download
227Dr. Sushant T. MagdumPositive Impact Of Psychological Healthiness Of Diabetic Patient Through Meditation

228 Dr.Pankaj ChaudharyAchievement Motivation Of Inter College Cricket Sports Participants A Study
229 डॉ. धनंजय ना. मोगले सोलापूर जिल्ह्यात प्राचीन वैदिक धर्माचा प्रसार 1018 to 1021Download
230Sabuj Sau, Dr. Kedar Nath DeyTechnological Competencies Of Teachers For The Use Of ICT1022 to 1028Download
231Dr. Ramesh B. Jaybhaye, Geeta P. KharatSearching For Identity:Indian Women In Dilemma' 'Identity Of Woman In Society1029 to1031Download
232 ડૉ. આનંદ બથિયામાતૃભાષાની ડાયસ્પોરા કવિતા - મહેક ટંકારવીના સર્જન સંદર્ભે અથવા ગઝલ સંદર્ભે. 1032 to 1034Download
233ભામટા પ્રભુ ગણેશભાઈબેવડી ભૂમિકા ભજવતી સ્ત્રીઓનો ભૂમિકા સંઘર્ષ-એક સમાજશાસ્ત્રીય અભ્યાસ1035 to 1041Download
234Da^.sapkaL ra,maoSvar ivak`maDa^. baabaasaahoba AaMbaoDkr yaaMcao kamagaarivaYayak ivacaar va kaya-1042 to 1044Download
235 Dr. Shinde V.GA Study Of New Trends In E-Commerce In India1045 to1048Download
236Mrs. Sanjivani S.Patil, Mr.Suresh Narayan Patil एक तपस्वी संशोधक - डॉ. रा. चिं. ढेरे1049 to 1055Download
237Harvinder Singh, Dr. Angrej Singh GillSocial Inequities In School Choice At Higher Secondary Level In Haryana 1056 to 1059Download
238 Mr. Rasiklal M. katharotiya An Analytical Study Of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices In India1060 to 1065Download
239પ્રા.ડૉ. મૃગેશભાઈ એમ. નાયક ભારતના સ્વતંત્રતા પહેલાના આંદોલનોમાં આદિવાસી આંદોલનોની ભૂમિકા1066 to 1070Download
240श्रीमती सुखदा सदाशिव -हाटवळ ताराबाई शिंदे लिखित (स्त्री-पुरुष तुलना) सुधारणा चळवळी स्त्रियांच्या मानवी हक्कांचा लढा1071 to 1076Download
241Motiwala Meghana Rajendrakumar, Dr. Mehulbhai P. Desai
A Study On Financial Ratios Analysis Of Cement Industry With Special Reference To Ambuja Cement
1077 to 1081Download
242Dr. Uttam Ramchandra Patil Recent Areas Of Research In Language1082 to 1084Download
243प्रा.विलास टिळेकर सामाजिक संशोधनातील विषय निवड :- एक दृष्टिकोन1085 to 1087Download
244Anukriti Mishra Employee Career Development & Job Satisfaction Towards Perception1088 to 1092Download
245Dr. Sandeep B. Satao
Opportunities And Innovations In Physical Education And Sports
1093 to 1095Download
246 Mr. Abhilash Jha, Mr. Akshay UkirdeTopic: “Analysis Of Customer Satisfaction Of Vegetable Basket At Maharashtra State Agriculture Marketing Board, Pune (MSAMB)”1096 to 1106Download
247Dr. Sunita J. VelhalCompetence In Using ‘Post-Predicator’ Sentence Structures Of Teachers Teaching In Professional Colleges1107 to1110Download
248डॉ. लता पांडुरंग मोरे'कोसबाडच्या टेकडीवरून' मधील स्त्रीवादी दृष्टीकोन1111 to 1115Download
249वरद भणगे हिन्दी के माध्यम से जापानी सिखने का तुलनात्मक अभ्यास।1116 to 1119Download
250Dinesh B. Kathote Significant Role Of Libraries For Higher Education And Sustainable Improvement1120 to 1123Download
251Dr. Sridevi MagantiRural Entrepreneurship- A Catalyst For The Development
Of Indian Economy
1124 to 1130Download
252 Dr. Madhukar Vithoba Jadhav छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांचे हवामान विषयक धोरण1131 to 1136Download
253डॉ. आकाश शेषराव बांगरमाहिती व तंत्रज्ञानाची ग्रामीण विकासातील भूमिका1137 to 1142Download
254Atul S. HumbeReport of new mammalian tapeworm stilesia shindei Sp.Nov. from Ovis bharal (L.) at Solapur city, District Solapur (M.S.) India.1143 to 1148download
255Dr. Arjun Gena OhalA Geographical Analysis Of Noise Pollution In Karad City1149 to 1156Download
256G. D. Mhaske, Preeti B. Pandey, Shubhangi S. Chougule, Abhishek N. Belokar, Nitin K. Bahiram, Roshani U. Jagtap, Swaranjali R. Bhusa, Aditya V. Wadekar Rutvik S. Kajale, Aniket V. RaundalEvaluating groundwater suitability for the domestic purpose in Jam River Basin, Maharashtra, India, using GIS1157 to 1166download
257Dr. D. S. HarwalkarProblems of Water pollution and its measures and controls in India1167 to 1171download
258Mr. Kamalakar Madhukar Sawant Libraries And Cloud Computing Applications1172 to 1174download
259अंत्रे विकास गोधाजी, डॉ. सीमा चव्हाण महाराष्ट्रातील निवडक लोककलेचा आर्थिक व सामाजिक अभ्यास1175 to 1178Download
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Vol. 9 No. 6

July – August  2022


Sr. No.Name of AuthorTitle of PaperPage No.View/Download
1Dr. Nishith H. Bhatt, Miss. Hiralben J. PandyaA Study On Microfinance & Shgs Effect On Rural Women Empowerment1 to 8Download
2 Ms. Pooja HalyalVolga’s “Ayoni”: An Analysis9 to 12Download
3 Mr. Vivit Kumar YadavComparative Study Of Aggression Between Professional Wrestlers And Dangal Wrestlers13 to 16Download
4 Dr. Aashish S. Jani, Ms. Revati HunswadkarA Study Of Integrating Innovation In A Traditional Classroom For Teaching 21st Century Skills17 to 21Download
5Mr. Abhilash Jha, Mr. Akshay Ukirde“Analytical Study Of Cop-Shop Service Used For Vegetable Delivery”22 to 33Download
6Supriya, Dr. Navita MalikReflections Of National Education Policy 2020 Based On School Education34 to 38Download
7Dr. Kirtankar R.V.Remarkable Educational Work Of Rajarshi Shahu39 to 44Download
8 Lekshmi .J. L., Subhalaxmi. K.Survey Of Trees In Asaripallam Medical College And Hospital Campus, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, Southindia45 to 49Download
9Dr. Medha SachdevSiva’s Himalaya: The Living Legend50 to 52Download
10Prof. Dr. B. RajeswariAn Study On Women Empowerment In India53 to 64Download
11Abhirup Bhadra, Dr. Rahul AminMass Media Usage And Exposure Of Sabar Tribal Community: A Study65 to 70Download
12Dinesh B. KathoteGrowth Of Digital Libraries: Technological Trends And Innovations71 to 73Download
13Prof. Dr. Manoj P. ArmarkarThe Study: Impact Of Aerobic Exercises Training On Physical Fitness And Endurance Of Students74 to 77Download
14गजानन दशरथ जंगमवारवृत्तपत्र स्वरूप आणि महत्त्व: एक प्रभावी प्रसार माध्यम 78 to 81Download
15Dr. Sandeep B. SataoChallenges And Future Research In Sports Entrepreneurship82 to 85Download
16Sarade Shivani ShivajiDiversity Of Ants (Hymenopetera –Formicidae) From Parner, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India86 to 90Download
17 Dr. Sunil Ashok DeoreHealth Centers And Their Influence Area In Malegaon & Nandgaon Tahsils Of Nashik District91 to 97Download
18 Sandip TikaitProtest Of Women In Mahasweta Devi’s Short Story “Draupadi” And “The Hunt”98 to 101Download
19Sarode Archana DadabhauGreen Chemistry; Sustainability And Innovative Approach102 to 104Download
20Parkhe Supriya DinkarEffect Of Different Salt Concentration Of Sorghum Plant Growth105 to 106Download
21Dr. Meena WadguleRole Of Small Scale Industries In Indian Rural Development107 to 111Download
22Manohar KumarA Historical Analysis On The Status Of Women In India: Ancient To Modern 112 to 116Download
23 Hamsa A, Pallavi M, Dr.Prathima.P SA Study Of Awarness Among College Students About Atma Nirbhar Bharath Abhiyan117 to 125Download
24श्री दगडे अर्जुन व्यंकट, प्रा.डॉ.शशिकांत लक्ष्मण तांबेसातारा जिल्हा परिषदेच्या मराठी माध्यमाच्या शाळामधील विद्यार्थ्यांची पुर्व उच्च प्राथमिक शिष्यवृत्ती परीक्षेतील संपादणूक पातळी वाढविणेसाठी कृतीकार्यक्रम निर्मिती व त्याच्या परिणामकारकतेचा अभ्यास126 to 129Download
25डॉ. रमाकांत शिवाजीराव शातलवारसुलतानशाही काळातील स्थापत्य कला130 to 132Download
26डॉ. पठान जे. सीयशपाल के उपन्यासों मे मार्क्सवादी चिंतन133 to 135Download
27प्रा डॉ. म्हात्रे सुभाष. लमानवी जीवनात स्पर्शाचे महत्त्व 136 to 138Download
28प्रा .दशरथ पानमंदभारतीय अर्थव्यवस्थेपुढील समस्या - दारिद्र्य139 to 141Download
29 Veerabhadrayya P Hiremath, Dr M.B DalapatiA Basawaswara Philosophical Framework In Anubhava Mantapa142 to 145Download
30V. D. KapgateSurvey Of Wet Land And Marshy Megaflora From Purkabodi And Rawanwadi Lake Of Bhandara District (M.S.)146 to 150Download
31Monika, Mr. Vikas RamanStudents Behaviour Towards Mathematical Applications151 to 154Download
32D. D. BirajdarSupercapacitors For Energy Storage At High Temperature Of Cu-Mn-Zn Magnetic Oxide Thin Films Synthesized By Silar Method155 to 160Download
33 Dr. Sarika SinhaVirginia Woolf: The Feminist Aspects Of Her Life And Works:161 to 163Download
34Chimankar N.V.Genus Chomatricha Preuss From Manudevi Forest Dist .Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India)164 to 167Download
35Prof. Ms Manjushri Kadam, Dr. Shabana A. MemonApplications Of Digital Marketing For Financial Sector – Problems And Prospects168 to 171Download
36 Chimankar N.V.Three Species Of The Myxomycetes Recorded From Manudevi Forest Dist .Jalgaon, Maharashtra (India)172 to 175Download
37 Rupali Somnath EndaitTriazole Derivatives And Their Biological Potential: A Review176 to 186Download
38V. Preethi, Dr. S. SarojaYoga In The Management Of Diabetics187 to 189Download
39Rev. Fr. T. Amala Arockia Raj S.J, Dr. B. RamijaEffect Of Covid-19 On Education: Shift To Blended Mode Of Teaching – Efficiency Of On-Line Classes190 to 195Download
40 Lokesh Baloat, Sumitra MeenaA Comprehensive Overview On Advances In Solar Photovoltaic Technolgy196 to 200Download
41Dr. Vinodhini ChinnaswamyDemons As A Mark Of Dostoevsky’s Religious Idea Portrayed Through The Psychological Trauma Of Kirillov And Shatov201 to 205Download
42 Dr. Nuzhath ParvenWomen In Construction Industry: A Case Study Of Gulbarga City206 to 213Download
43Adik Manisha Sarangdhar, Dr.Suresh KumarImpact Of Naturalism On English Literature With Special Reference Of Thomas Hardy’s Major Novels214 to 216Download
44Tamanna AggarwalEffect Of Microfinance On Economic And Rural Development In India217 to 223Download
45Amol Asha Irba Shinde, Dr Sunder RajdeepEconomic Empowerment Of Tribal Women- A Study On Maharashtra State224 to 235Download
46Mr. Vitthal Tukaram Thabbe, Miss. Vaishnavi BhosaleProgress Of Human Development In India: Comparative Analysis With East Asia And The Pacific, And The World236 to 244Download
47 Nithish PUnderstanding The Influence Of Mobile Technology On The Importance And Role Of Photojournalism In Society245 to 252Download
48 Mrs. Patil Priyanka SuyogImpact Of Liberalization On Life Insurance Industry In India253 to 259Download
49Neha Kothari, Dr. Pramila D’SouzaImpact Of Covid-19 On Elderly Persons In India260 to 269Download
50Dr. Dilip B. Shinde, Mr. Vikas Shivaji ShindeInformation And Communication Technology In Education System: Current Trends270 to 276Download
51Dr. Sumedha NaikReview Of Literature On Service Quality Of Hotel Industry277 to 283Download
52Dr. Nandini NImpact Of Technology On Language284 to 288Download
53 Dr. Navitha. S. NairFlipped Classroom: A Way To Transform The Teaching-Learning Process289 to 296Download
54Dr. M. Kanika PriyaValue Of Communication In English297 to 299Download
55Mr. Sachin Kumar, Ms. Poonam Pandita, Ms. Chetna Suri, Ms. Shivali VermaHappiness Curriculum: A New Vision Towards Education300 to 304Download
56M. P.ChikhaleHistological Study Of The Effects Of Steroidal And Non-Steroidal Oral Contraceptives On The Thyroid Gland Of Female Wistar Rats305 to 308Download
57Vipul Trimbakrao Gaikwad, Dr. A. I. KhanRole Of Agriculture In Regional Development And Associated Agricultural Problems In Osmanabad District309 to 313Download
58 Dr. Yograjsingh Rajendrasingh BaisWaste Management And Its Challenges: An Empirical Study314 to 319Download
59Karamveer KaurChallenges And Need Of Changes In Blended Learning Of Higher Education In India320 to 326Download
60 Dr. Suman Dalal, Sachin"A Study Of Locus Of Control Of Senior Secondary School Students In Relation To Educational Adjustment"327 to 331Download
61 Dr. Hanumant A. GandhaleTo Study The Geographycal Analysis Of Tahsilwise Crop Diversification In Parbhani District (MS)332 to 336Download
62Ms. Vidya BhatAccess, Aware And Usage Of Digital Banking To Achieve Financial Inclusion In India337 to 342Download
63 Asst. Prof. Nitesh E Motghare, Dr. Raju K. MateTeaching And Learning With Information Communication Technology In Academic Libraries343 to 346Download
64Mrs. V. PattammalCorporate Vision For Indian Strategic Leaders Playing Critical Role In Business Transformation347 to 353Download
65Dr. Susmita DurguleA Comparative Study Of Daily Nutrient Intake And Its Relation To Haemoglobin Level Of Sangli And Kolhapur City Adolescent Girls354 to 358Download
66Veerabhadrayya P Hiremath, Dr. M.B DalapatiA Basawaswara Philosophical Framework In Anubhava Mantapa359 to 362Download
67 Dr. Jahdav N. D.Socio-Legal Issues Of Cyber Security In India363 to 365Download
68प्रा. डॉ. अभय श्रीहरी लाकडे‘’महात्मा फुले यांची सामाजिक सुधारणेत भूमिका’’366 to 369Download
69श्रीमती. कांति सिंह काठेडपुस्तकालय एवं सूचना विज्ञान के उभरते रूझान एवं भविष्य370 to 372Download
70पर्वत कुमार कृष्णा75 सालों में भारत के हाशियाकृत समाज की राजनीतिक भागीदारी- एक विमर्श373 to 377Download
71डॉ. राजू के. माटेएकात्मिक बाल विकास सेवा योजना :- ग्रामीण महिलांचा विकास 378 to 381Download
72 प्रा. डॉ. सुरेखा प्रे. मंत्रीसमाज के नवनिर्माण में हिंदी साहित्य की भूमिका 382 to 384Download
73प्रा. डॉ.भीमराव माळ्गेबिदर जिल्ह्यातील भूमी उपयोजन कार्यक्षमता : एक भौगोलिक अभ्यास385 to 387Download
74डॉ. जगदीश सदाशिव आवटेमराठीतील ऐतिहासिक कादंबरीचे जनक रामचंद्र भिकाजी गुंजीकर: एक अभ्यास388 to 391Download
75कु प्रीति उइके, कु. रेखा जामोदकिशोर बालक- बालिकाओं के शैक्षणिक एवं व्यवसायिक रुचियों का तुलनात्मक अध्ययन392 to 396Download
76प्रा.डॉ.मानीतकुमार अमृतराव वाकळे“स्त्रियों की सामाजिक-आर्थिक गति और स्थिती”397 to 399Download
77प्रा. विद्या बाबूराव खाडेमृदुला गर्ग के ‘ मैं और मैं ’ उपन्यास के संदर्भ में 400 to 402Download
78 दया शंकर यादव, प्रीती यादवमधु काँकरिया कृत 'सेज पर संस्कृत' उपन्यास में चित्रित धार्मिक आडम्बर403 to 406Download
79प्रीती यादव, दया शंकर यादवसंजीव कृत ‘फाँस’ उपन्यास में चित्रित किसान विमर्श408 to 411Download
80श्री. नागवे कृष्णा अण्णासाहेबनिजामकालीन शेतकरी शोषणात सरंजामशाही संरचनेची भूमिका412 to 414Download
81डॉ. अशोक भानुदासराव केंद्रेयातिहीनतेचे दु:ख ते संतपद : संत चोखामेळा415 to 417Download
82डॉ. सोमा पी. गोंडाणेसांप्रदायिक हिंसा : कारणे आणि उपाय418 to 423Download
83Dr. Amita Srivastavaसंयुक्त तथा एकल परिवार के संदर्भ में महिलाओं के विचार का अध्ययन424 to 427Download
84डॉ. अनुपमा सक्सेनारागों में रस अभिव्यंजना428 to 431Download
85उज्ज्वल राठौरसमकालीन कहानीकारों की कहानियों में आर्थिक चेतना विशेष संदर्भ : ममता कालिया एवं मैत्रेयी पुष्पा432 to 434Download
86डॉ.सज्जन उद्धव पवारमोहोळ तालुक्याचे लोकप्रतिनिधी गोविंद भाऊराव बुरकुटे यांचे कार्य435 to 437Download
87Prof. Dr. S.C. DudhalNatural Resource Management438 to 441Download
88 Dr. Amita SrivastavaTo Study The Attitude Of Adolescents Towards Modernization442 to 445Download
89G. Ramya Sri, Dr. J. Pinky Diana EvelynAesthetics And Literature In Khaled Hossini’s Novel A Thousand Splendid Suns446 to 449Download
90Suruchi, Pooja4r Nutrient Management In Various Crops- A Review450 to 455Download
91S. ParthibanAn Analysis Of Robotic Operating Systems (Ros 2) In Real-Time Systems456 to 460Download
92 Smt. I. Rama Haritha, Dr. Gandham Sri Rama Krishna, Dr.N.G.S. PrasadFootprints Of The Teacher For Student’s Career Development461 to 464Download
93Dr. Vibha Pandeyडिजिटल मार्केटिंग465 to 469Download
94Mohamad Hanif, Sherkhan PathanAmbient Air Quality Monitoring In A Popular Tourist Destination In Maharashtra, Aurangabad470 to 478Download
95 Dr C. S. KaleEnergy Literacy And Use Of Sustainable Energy Management Practices479 to 492Download
96Rovina Sharon SoansA Conceptual Study On Consumer’s Preference Towards Local Products Over Foreign Products493 to 502Download
97 Dr. Manju GargWorkforce Diversity In India In Current Scenario503 to 510Download
98नीरज कुमार , चुन्ना सिंहजनपद कानपुर देहात में कृषि भूमि एवं कृषि यंत्र उपयोग की स्थिति का विश्लेषण 511 to 517Download
99Dr. Chandan Sonkar, Yadav Nisha DalsinagarCovid-19 Its Impact On Indian Economy518 to 522Download
100Sandhra Mariya GeorgeA Case Study On The Problems Of Coir Industry In Kerala523 to 526Download
101Pravin V. PatilpaikQualitative Assessment Of Viable Non-Brand Honey From Chandrapur, Maharashtra, India527 to 532Download
102Mr. Santosh M. Guruvayyanavar, Dr. Mukund KulkarniRole Of Digital Marketing And Its Impact In Decision Making Of A Student Fraternity In Higher Education 2021-2022 533 to 539Download
103 Disha Yadav, Dr. Ramesh C Devrath, Dr. Gyanendra B. S. JohriChange In Women Entreprenurial Intentions A Post Covid Study540 to 547Download
104डॉ जितेंद्र सिंहसहरिया विकास में विभिन्न योजनाओं का योगदान 548 to 549Download
105Prof. Tulshiram Kamble, Dr. Anoop Sharma, Dr. Pushpendu RakshitA Comprehensive Study On Rapid Adoption Of Digital Payments Amid Covid-19 Crisis In Mumbai550 to 556Download
106Prof. Tulshiram Kamble, Dr. Anoop Sharma, Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit Study Of Some Medicinal Plants In Bohalghat , Balrampur (C.G.)557 to 566Download
107Dr. D. J. Samatha Naidu, A. MadhavaDesigning A Novel To Identify And Forecast Different Plant Diseases Using Linear Regression Algorithm567 to 571Download
108प्रफुल्ल इ. ढोकेअतिरिक्त लोकसंख्या गंभीर परिणाम प्राध्यापक 572 to 575Download
109 Prof. Vanita Sabharwal, Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit, Dr. SanjayTelecom Sector – A Review Of Literature In Indian Scenario576 to 586Download
110Hetal Rajgor, Dr. Pushpendu Rakshit, Dr. Manoj Sain
Understanding Taxation Challenges In India Amid Pandemic Epoch587 to 595Download
111 Karuna Amruskar, Dr. Rajkumar P. MalipatilRole Of Health Clubs In Promotion Of Health With Refrence To Urban Women’s Population596 to 597Download
112श्रीमति कंचन चौरसियाअधिगम अशक्तता युकत विद्यार्थियों की पहचान एवं उनकी शिक्षा में शिक्षक की भूमिका 598 to 602Download
113 Dr. Subhash Chander, Laila NargisA Thematic Study of Ethnic Conflict in the Selected Novels of Shyam Selvadurai.603 to 617Download
114Ms. Sana Patni A Study on the awareness of Government schemes among the women entrepreneurs618 to 621Download
115Sunita DeviAnalysis Of Different Approaches Used To Solve Travelling Salesman Problem622 to 627Download
116 C.Vijayalakshmi, Dr.S.SarojaImpact Of Plyometric Training On Leg Explosive Power Among College Women Students128 to 130Download
117Dr. Subhash Chander, Mr. Ravi KumarA Postcolonial Critique Of George Lamming’s In The Castle Of My Skin

631 tp 639Download
118Dr. D. GnyaneswerPerformance Of Mgnrega To Poverty Reduction:
A Study In Adilabad District Of Telangana State
640 to 644Download
119डॉ. सयाजीराव छबुराव गायकवाडकामगार शेतकरी समाजजीवन आणि अण्णा भाऊ साठे यांची शाहिरी645 to 649Download
120Ms. Marieta Jagdalla, Dr.Vijay BhushanAn Affluence Of Nature In The Colossal Treasure Trove Of Literature650 to 673Download
121K.P. KadamInvestigation of Coherence Lengths and Fringe Systems of Material Sources by DC Glow Discharge674 to 677Download
122डॉ. आकाश शेषराव बांगरभारतीय प्रशासनासमोरील आव्हाने व सुधारणा : चिकित्सक अध्ययन678 to 683Download
123प्रा. डाॅ. अभय पाटील.ग्रॅट डफ मराठा इतिहासकार684 to 687Download
124Dr. Dede Deepak KashinathAnalysis Of The Occupational Structure In North Solapur Taluka688 to 694download
125G. D. Mhaske, Aditya V. Wadekar, Rutvik S. Kajale, Aniket V. Raundal, Preeti B. Pandey, Shubhangi S. Chougule, Abhishek N. Belokar, Nitin K. Bahiram, Swaranjali R. Bhusa, Roshani U. Jagtap.GPS-GIS based Soil Fertility Status of Jam River Basin, Nashik and Ahmednagar District (M.S.), India695 to 703download
126Kolhe Pradip Gunderao Quest for self identity in Sula and Difficult Daughters by Manju Kapur and Tony Morison704 to 709download
127Dr. Ramchandra Keshav WakarekarEmployment Generation Through MGNREGA In Maharashtra710 to 715Download
128 ડૉ. રાજેન્દ્ર કે. મકવાણાનારી મનના સંકુલ સંવેદનોની વાર્તા - ‘કુંભી’716 to 717Download
129ડો. મનહરભાઈ ચરપોટ ગ્રામ વિકાસ અને તેને અસર કરતાં પરિબળો718 to 720Download
130ડૉ. રાજેન્દ્ર કે. મકવાણાગતજીવન અને વર્તમાન જીવનના બે ભિન્ન બિંદુઓને આધારે નાયિકાની આંતર ચેતના પ્રગટાવતી વાર્તા - ‘બા’721 to 722Download
131R. R. TembhurneMyxomycetes Physarum Panhalensis: A New Record From Panhala District Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India723 to 725Download
132Ravikiran Subhash MoreAn Analytical Study of Techno Stress on Rural Academic Librarians in India726 to 729Download